UD Trucks Quon series at Brisbane Truck Show

The UD Trucks Quon series  made its debut at the Brisbane Truck Show last week.

QUON BTS 2013The heavy duty truck has a completely new driveline including a globally designed engine and transmission.

Vice President – UD Trucks, Jon McLean, said UD Trucks has a reputation for bringing high-performing, strong trucks to the market and these new models are no exception.

“The new driveline comes in 420 and 380 horsepower options, which we haven’t offered for UD Trucks in Australia before,” he said.

“We’ve also been able to extend the service intervals, from 25,000km up to 60,000km depending on the application, which will keep the overall maintenance costs down.

“The entire truck is built in Japan with genuine UD parts and has a fully-automated manual transmission with two pedal operation and automatic shifting.”

He claimed the Quon series has been designed with the driver in mind with a world-class cabin layout.

“There’s everything from step points and grab handles for cleaning to new mirrors and a three-point support system for ease of entry and exit,” he said.

“Even the simple things, like being able to perform daily maintenance checks without tilting the cab, will make a massive difference to drivers.”


Mr McLean said the Quon series features knee energy absorbers, driver side airbags, EBS brakes and an easy hill start function for added safety.

“We found a lot of minor collisions cause damage to the knees so we wanted to make sure that we added extra protection in this area,” he said.

“There’s also an impact absorbing steering wheel and steering column to decrease injuries by lessening the impact to the chest and abdomen. The easy hill start and EBS brakes are other great functions which will hopefully prevent accidents.”

The trucks also have the options to feature a telematics package with GPS tracking which will be a massive benefit for businesses as they can go online or on to their mobile phone and find out where their truck is at any given time.

UD Trucks Australia is offering finance packages from as little as 1.95% over a three year term for all models in the new Quon series ordered and financed before June 30, 2013.

“It’s definitely an industry-leading offer that will be hard to pass up,” Mr McLean said.


“The low rate is not only a great way for customers to save on a new truck but also provides an opportunity for drivers to upgrade to a safer, more efficient model equipped with the latest technology.

“Customers also have an optional ‘holiday’ period where they can choose to take a break from their repayments for the whole month of January.”

Mr McLean said UD Trucks also launched an aftersales support bundle, UD Solutions, at the show.

“It’s all about giving customers a total package so they’re not just buying a truck, they’re buying a total UD experience,” he said.

“The bundle includes extended warranties, service agreements with a growing network across Australia, roadside assist, driver training, total ownership cost calculator and genuine parts, services and accessories.”

Drivers will have a chance to get behind the wheel of the new Quon series during the national UD Trucks road show in July this year.