Vale: Albert Hunt

Albert Hunt, founder of Hunt Specialised Transport

NatRoad director and former Australian Road Train Association (ARTA) president and executive director, John Morris, has paid tribute to the late Albert Hunt for his huge contribution to the transport industry and its associations such as ARTA before its merger with NatRoad.

“Albert loved driving road trains in the early days and always gathered a crowd around him to tell stories of his days on the road with legends such as Bill Baskett, Darby Sullivan, Barry Flanagan, Prairie Anderson and too many more to remember,” John reflected.

John said Albert’s time on the ARTA board, including his time as vice president, was well remembered.

“He was a colourful and vocal contributor to our forums and meetings and always had his expert advice for the various levels of governments in Australia on how to fix the problems of the transport industry. His huge generosity and contributions in ARTA fund raisings were well appreciated by the members and executive of ARTA.

“Albert Hunt will be missed by a lot of transport people throughout Australia,” John Morris concluded.