Vehicle mods changes

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New rules have come into effect this week on the requirements a workshop has to fulfil in order to stay within the law when modifying a truck. The revised National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications, Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 (VSB6) came into effect on July1.



VSB6 has been updated following a review led by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) partnering with the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland (CVIAQ) in an extensive liaison and consultation involving industry and jurisdictions.



A variety of format and visual changes were made to make VSB6 easier to use and references to outdated prescribed standards have been updated. Enhanced PDF checklists can now be filled out electronically for each section of VSB6.



The following enhancements were also delivered as part of the review:

  • Part A Administration – clarification on the modifications to new vehicles before supply to market highlighting the difference between Second-Stage-of-Manufacture approval processes and modifying heavy vehicles using VSB6.
  • Section C Tailshafts – complimentary material has been added to the ‘length of shafts’ sub-section and instructions on the use of the “safe operating speed nomogram”.
  • Section H Chassis Frame – provision for certification of front underrun protection on heavy vehicles and certification of bullbars for fitting to ADR 84/00 compliant vehicles (Checklist H6).
  • Section J Body Mounting – provision for certification of bus body fitment on truck chassis’ (Checklist J2).



The NHVR will lead the next review through the VSB6 Single Issue Working Group. Jurisdictions and industry will again focus on updating the technical content of the code to ensure it remains an up-to-date tool for the modification of heavy vehicles. It is expected that the next version will be delivered by July 2017.



Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, a heavy vehicle must be modified in accordance with the NHVR Code of Practice for the Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications which applies VSB6 as a modification standard. For modifications that are not able to be undertaken within VSB6, workshops must seek approval from the NHVR to undertake the modification.



For further information see the NHVR website.



These changes and other topics will be included in discussions at this year’s 2015 Paccar and Dealer TMC. The event, organised by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA), will take place October 26 to 28 October 2015 at the Automotive Centre of Excellence in Melbourne’s Docklands.



The event will also include regulars like the Paccar Parts TMC Funhouse, the TMC industry supplier Marketplace, and the Castrol Vecton Awards dinner, celebrating excellence in the trucking industry’s workshops with the presentation of the 2015 Craig Roseneder Memorial Award and the Castrol Vecton Industry Achievement Award.



Click here for more information about the TMC 2015 program.