Visibility, Sneak Previews, Electric Vans and a New Website

In the headlines, this week, from Diesel News we hear about visibility, sneak previews, electric vans and a new website.

Visibility, Sneak Previews, Electric Vans and a New Website

In the UK, the city of London is continuing to try and get, what it calls, ‘dangerous lorries’ off its streets. The city has developed truck design criteria called the Direct Vision Standard, and the city plans to have see breaking these rules made a criminal offence.

The plan is to have any truck not meeting the standard banned from the streets of London by 2020. The standard is determined by what a driver can see from his cab directly without aids, and is still being refined with more vehicles set to be classified.

Visibility, Sneak Previews, Electric Vans and a New Website

As part of the hype in the build up to the release of the Hino 500 Series Wide Cab, a sneak peak of the new truck’s interior has been released.

“A firm favourite with current drivers, we have enhanced the already spacious and comfortable interior to further improve driver comfort and reduce fatigue,” said Daniel Petrovski, Manager Product Strategy for Hino Australia. “A truck’s cabin is essentially the driver’s office, with this in mind, we have made some simple yet important upgrades that improve accessibility and visibility and also increased the range of transmission options available.”

Visibility, Sneak Previews, Electric Vans and a New Website

MAN Truck & Bus has launched a new website incorporating separate webpages for trucks and buses. It features the new TGX-D38, MAN’s long-haul prime mover, on the homepage, alongside current dealer network information and parts and service data. The website is also optimised for mobile devices.

“The new website will give our Australian customers the latest information on MAN products allowing them to find the best solution for what they need,” said Kimberley Ruddock, General Manager of Marketing at Penske Transportation Group International. “Providing excellent customer service is at the forefront of everything we do and this website will inform our customers how Penske can partner with them to meet their needs.”

Renault LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) has announced the acquisition of French company PVI (Power Vehicle Innovation). The company is known for its expertise in the design and conversion of commercial vehicles running on natural gas or electricity.

“We are very pleased to welcome PVI’s team specialising in electric conversions to Groupe Renault,” said Ashwani Gupta, SVP, Renault LCV Division. “This acquisition is part of the Group’s strategy to develop its business by proposing a complete range of electric LCVs coupled with connected services.”

PVI has previously worked with Renault on the development and electrification of the upcoming Renault Master Z.E, which was unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show earlier this year and due to be launched this year.

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Author: Tim Giles

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