WALDODA and TWA join forces

Pam McMillan, chair of Transport Women Australia

The WA Long Distance Owners & Drivers Association (WALDODA) has merged with Transport Women Australia (TWA), with Steve Post from National Transport Insurance taking a seat on the TWA board as the WALDODA representative.

WALDODA chairman Ray Pratt said he saw the merge as a win-win situation for both associations.

“We’re both relatively small but very strong associations in this part of the country. By merging together, we feel we can get better outcomes for our members by sharing our resources and avoiding duplication of work,” Ray said. “WALDODA members won’t notice many changes, but will enjoy a decrease in their membership fees as we come in line with the TWA.”

Ray said he didn’t foresee any problems with WALDODA members joining the female-dominated TWA.

“The TWA has several men in its association, and we have several women who are very active in WALDODA,” he remarked. “There will be some fresh faces around the association as the TWA gives us new insight on issues, and we will give the same to it.

“Steve Post is a very good ambassador for our association, and I look forward to working with him as we get settled with these changes.”

TWA chair Pam McMillan has praised WALDODA’s achievements, and said she looked forward to gaining a new perspective through their addition to the association.

“WALDODA has a great working relationship with WA Main Roads and Government and has been successful in achieving the WA Owner Drivers Act, and obtaining better truck bays and toilets for drivers. It also has a seat on the Road Freight Industry Council in WA and that will remain,” Pam said. “Over the past 10 years we have had a healthy relationship with WA Operators and this merger will strengthen our membership in that state.”

Both associations will retain their individual identities following the merger. Members of these associations should contact their head office if they have any queries.