Welcome to the Twitterverse

Welcome to the Twitterverse

Diesel News says ‘Welcome to the Twitterverse’ and picks out a few interesting tweets we have come across this week. There’s higher voltage electrical systems, load restraint rules and a lot of media attention to the accident rates on our roads, especially in News South Wales.




The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator want us to get up to speed on Load Restraint:



There has long been talk of increasing the voltage for truck electrical system. The latest technological leaps coming our way look like sounding the death knell for the 12 volt system and probably 24 volts as well:



The ongoing debate in the national news about accidents involving trucks has given industry spokespeople a chance to talk on the national stage. Trucking advocates rarely get a chance to get a single word in, on the national media, this week the

Welcome to the Twitterverse