What do they think they are doing?

Here’s a compilation of truck incidents recorded on the dash cam by just one driver. This is the normal day to day job of any truck driver and probably gives us a clue as to why working in the transport industry is the most dangerous job in Australia, according to research by  LifeInsuranceFinder.com.au. Warning: there may be liberal use of the horn and the F word in this video.


In this clip the car runs red light at a slow speed and gives the truck with a green light no chance.


This car driver sideswipes a truck at night but forgot about the UHF communication so the truckie got the rego, so this may have had a happy ending


There’s stupid, and then there is outright dangerously aggressive. This is an example of crazy car drivers going all out to create problems with a truck.


It’s not all about the car drivers, there are some idiot truckies out there as well. Like this one who decides to overtake a road train on a double white line: