What Truck Drivers Have to Put Up With

What Truck Drivers Have to Put Up With

This is what truck drivers have to put up with day in day out. The number of compilations of car drivers acting like idiots in front of a truck is unbelievable. Do they all suffer from a a collective madness saved up for when trucks are around and the risks are so much higher.


These scenes also demonstrate the psychological toll on the truckie. These events and thousands like it occur and then replay in the heads of truck drivers and fill them with dread, thinking about worst case scenarios and having to live with the consequences.


‘Do Not Overtake a Turning Vehicle’. Maybe we should put signs on trucks to remind people of this rule? Oh!


Here’s another prime example. The Suzuki Swift waits patiently at the cross roads before setting off with perfect timing, to get slammed by the truck:


It’s not just an Australian thing, here is a US car driver who can’t wait and seems to have a death wish:


Then you get this kind of crazy aggressive driving around a truck. At least, this one seems to get what they deserve: