What’s Going On in the Trucking Twitterverse?

What's Going On in the Trucking Twitterverse?

Every week, we ask what’s going on in the Trucking Twitterverse? Often the answer is surprising and at other times predictable, but at least there’s something afoot.

This week we have the announcement of the revival of a plan to haul a large number of containers out of the Port of Melbourne area to large intermodal terminals in the outer suburbs by rail. The story is all about reducing truck numbers on the road around the port, specifically in Yarraville. However, when it gets reported it is suggesting trucks will be disappearing off the roads of the Victorian capital. Yes, there will be fewer container trucks in some inner suburbs, but there are still going to be plenty of trucks on the roads of Melbourne.

Now, this truck driver is wired, literally. Wired up to a computer to read all of his brain and body data, to work out how truckies will be able to rest behind the wheel of an autonomous truck.

As a public service, this good citizen has created a website to keep us informed about how long it has been since a truck hit the low bridge in the bayswater suburb of Perth.It’s going to have to go some to catch up with the bridge on Montague Street in Melbourne.

Here’s a useful little diagram showing us the time savings possible for trucks when the new North East Link is completed in Melbourne. The question needs to be asked as to whether the tolls will be higher, the more time is saved by the truck?