When the Smartest Chemists Choose Coolants

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When the smartest chemists choose coolants, the world’s most experienced chemists know to use only advanced cooling solutions in their vehicles. And they know this because they know the precision and technology that goes into the formulae used in modern coolants.



It is difficult to even begin to understand the years of research and development that organisations undertake to ensure that their coolant is the best on the market. Cummins Filtration reckons it’s one of those companies that spend the time and research dollars to ensure the latest technology is utilised in their coolants.


Modern engines require advanced engine cooling solutions. Cummins Filtration works hard to remain at the leading edge of coolant and filtration technology. Their advanced technologies are claimed to provide maximum engine protection combined with ease of use and low maintenance.


The Goldpower coolant is said to use the latest technology and is best used for Light Truck & Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Cars. With an extended life of 350,000km or 5 years, it provides maximum engine protection (Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Freeze, Anti-Boil).


Cummins Filtration reckon that it is simple and easy to use with no mess. It is a ‘ready to use’ pre-mix (do not add water!)


The Organic Additive Technology (OAT), used in its formulation, is long acting for extended protection, and the formula has no borates, silicates, amines or nitrites (Japanese OEM requirement), no phosphates (European OEM requirement) and meets Japanese, Australian and American standards. The Goldpower coolant is supported by Cummins’ Filtration Global Warranty.