Women Truckies on the road

A young female truck driver from Estonia is featured in this short video. It gives us a perspective into the life of a truck driving women in a virtually all-male environment. the culture in Eastern Europe seems to be a bit more traditional than the more liberal ideas in Western Europe.


We get an insight into the life of an ordinary truckie on European roads, with ferry crossing and border customs posts a normal part of the working day. Loading and load restraint are handled very differently in Europe and many drivers here  would be a little concerned about how tight the ratchet straps are made. It’s a good job the roads are smooth.


Contrast this relatively undramatic depiction of life for a female truckie in Estonia to the way the History Channel handles the same subject. We see Lisa Kelly, of Ice Road Truckers fame, getting a load ready and heady off onto the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean. The smallest issue is played for all the drama it can get.