, but here's my Diesel Workshop Hot Tip
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Diesel Workshop Hot Tip

When I first started in this industry, there was a prevailing view that you didn’t need equipment to be efficient. …
keep the wheels turning
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Keep the Wheels Turning

As always, the best facility in the world is only as good as the staff who keep the wheels turning …
a new cleaner Jake Brake for Europe
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A New Cleaner Jake Brake for Europe

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, known for its diesel engine retarding systems and valve actuation systems, has a new cleaner Jake Brake …
live drive Allison transmissions
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Live Drive Allison Transmissions

Commercial vehicles such as refuse compactors, concrete agitators, tippers, fire truck pumpers, or a hydraulic crane arm often feature specialised …
approved on board mass system
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Approved On Board Mass System

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced the first type-approved on board mass system. The Loadman Australia system has gained the …
going for gold
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Going for Gold

Isuzu in Australia is going for gold, as it is fast approaching an unprecedented 30 years as Australia’s overall truck …
tyre pressure can affect your bottom line
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Tyre Pressure Can Affect Your Bottom-Line

With a continued focus on increased productivity, fleets and owner operators are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and …
increased risk of fires in the engine compartment
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Fogmaker Fire Suppression Systems

Truck fires are increasing year on year. With greater environmental demands for lower emissions, the engine temperatures and engine pressures …
truck fire investigation
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The Common Causes of Fires in Trucks and Trailers

According to research, fire is the cause of truck accidents in nearly eight per cent of cases, today Diesel News …
top tech taking the trophy home
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Top Tech Taking the Trophy Home

At the 2018 Detroit Master Technician by Penske Power Systems, the top tech taking the trophy home was David Willis, …
brake shoes, disc pads and linings
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Brake Shoes, Disc Pads and Linings

Brake specialist Bendix has announced a comprehensive range of brake shoes, disc pads and linings with its latest offering for …