Amazing Women Truck Drivers

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Just watching these videos of amazing women truck drivers from China shows us just what would be possible if the trucking industry was opened up more effectively to the other half of the population.

These women have found a way to handle all of the tasks that a male truck driver in Australia, thirty years ago, would be expected to handle including changing tyres on the truck on their own. These are not state of the art trucks and this is the old fashioned way of loading and unloading trucks.

Inside The Life Of Female Trucker

Inside The Life Of Female Trucker

Posted by Ulol on Wednesday, 29 July 2020



Watching these three videos shows us women coping, in their own way, with the truck driver’s life. This is a long way away from the kind of working experience a vast majority of women working in the industry now would have to contemplate.

Another striking aspect of these women’s lives is the way they don’t let their tough truck driving life compromise their femininity. These are women who have to live an uncompromising life style, but manage to be themselves in this, normally male dominated, world.

Truck driving as a profession faces a lot of challenges and one of the main ones is the ageing of our truck driving workforce. There are lots of worthy statements made about getting more women behind the wheel, but no progress is being made.

Amazing Lady Truck Driving – Life Over The Road On the Truck

Amazing Lady Truck Driving – Life Over The Road On the Truck

Posted by Ulol on Monday, 27 July 2020


Now is the time for the trucking industry to try and drive the kind of culture change which would eventuate in a lot more women deciding truck driving is the life for them. An added bonus would probably be that a more evenly spread workforce, between men and women, might make the profession more attractive to young men as well.

Videos like these from China and these amazing women truck drivers aren’t going to encourage women to take up truck driving. However, these are modern examples of why there is no reason for women to be virtually excluded from truck driving.

They can handle the work and mix it with the most macho of the blue singlet brigade.

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