A New Stage in the Image of the Trucking Industry

a new stage in the image of the trucking industry

With the news coverage today being full of reports about the horrific crash in Melbourne, which left four police officers dead, we seem to be reaching a new stage in the image of the trucking industry.

On surveying the reports of the devastating accident, a subtle change has taken place. Diesel News looked at seven reports into the event and found only two headlines mentioned that one of the vehicles involved was a truck. One talked about a semi trailer crashing and the other about a truck.

In the past, this kind of incident would have been characterised as a truck crash and that would have been the focus of reporting. This time the most important aspect of the story is being emphasised, the loss of four police officers while on duty in one incident. This is devastating news and hard to deal with. 

“The loss of any life on our roads is tragic, but to lose four Victoria Police officers serving their community in a single accident is devastating,” said Peter Anderson, Victorian Transport Association CEO. “Our hearts go out to their family and friends, and to the broader family of police and emergency services workers.

“I know every member of our Association and the Victorian transport industry will be as saddened as we are about this tragic incident.

“On behalf of the industry we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the officers and the entire Victoria Police force at this difficult time, and offer any assistance and support we can provide.”

Going forward is going to be difficult for all involved and as the facts emerge let’s hope the kind of responsible reporting we have seen so far is continued on the part of a general media which seems to have discovered some rationality and appears to be showing some restraint and is not pushing unnecessary buttons to try and improve click rate on news websites.


a new stage in the image of the trucking industry