Airtec Offers a New Type-Approved OBM

Airtec offers a new type-approved OBM

According to an announcement from Transport Certification Australia, Airtec offers a new type-approved OBM. Airtec Corporation’s new option for transport operators, now approved by the TCA, will help trucking operators wanting to benefit from its existing type-approved OBM system. 

Airtec’s 89AXM Series OBM system obtained type-approval in April 2019. Now, this same OBM system can now be used with an alternate Mass Sensor Unit (MSU), the part of the OBM system used to measure axle mass loads, offering choice to transport operators. The newly approved 89AXL400 Series MSU system can now work together with the original 89AXM Series.

“The 89AXL400 Series is a smart truck scale that is cheaper and easy to use, while still offering the benefits of type-approval,” said David Hewett, Managing Director of Airtec Corporation. “By using wireless technology between trailers and prime movers, we’ve been able to introduce greater flexibility for transport operators, and reduce set-up costs.

“Airtec’s experience within the transportation sector, and its expertise in developing on-board mass and inflation systems for over 20 years, contributes to a strong and focused mass management solution.”

There are three categories of type-approved OBM systems (categories A, B and C) which meet the needs of different stakeholders. Category A OBM systems electronically display mass information to drivers or loaders. 

All categories of type-approval are subject to an assessment of the performance-based requirements contained in the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification.


Airtec offers a new type-approved OBM