Another Aussie Win

Competitors from the Australian trucking industry consistently do well in international competitions featuring driving skills. This week a team from Australia won the UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2015 global final.

The team, consisting of Clint Sheppard and Herman Kaczorowski from DGL, claimed victory at the UD Experience Centre and test track, adjacent to the UD Trucks headquarters in Ageo, Japan. Teams from Australia, South Africa and Japan competed in a series of truck industry and logistic challenges.

Based on real-world scenarios, the challenges included a pre-drive inspection, driving skills test, and a simulated pick-up/delivery route, with the competitors judged on revenue, fuel efficiency, uptime and maintenance costs, as well as safe driving.

The South African team was selected as the winners of ‘Best Fuel Consumption’ while the Australian team won ‘Best Pre-Drive Inspection’ with Japan being selected as having the ‘Best Driving Skill’. The overall winner was declared to be the Australia team.

“We’re really proud of the boys from DGL for taking out the Extra Mile Challenge global final,” said Jon McLean, Vice President of Sales for UD Trucks Australia. “They proved themselves as smart and efficient logistics operators. Clint’s ability behind the wheel certainly showed during the skills test and delivery route, whilst Herman’s experience input was invaluable. Together they made a great team, and clearly went the extra mile for their company and their country!”