Assessing the European Cabovers

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Here is friend of Diesel News and legendary Dutch truck journo, Iep van der Meer, and a crowd of other Euro-journos, assessing the European cabovers currently on the market. They take one of the top cabs from each brand and assess them from the driver comfort point of view.

Why should we be interested in what they are doing with truck cabins in Europe, you ask? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, the number of cabovers being sold in heavy duty is on the rise in Australia as the market seems to be changing structurally.

The vast majority of cabovers being sold, apart from the ubiquitous Kenworth K200, are European designs, and even those which aren’t from Europe are heavily influenced by what the Europeans are doing. Therefore, it is a useful exercise to try assessing the European cabovers.

Iep has been one of the most important writers about the European trucking industry for some time. The Netherlands trucking industry is probably the most innovative and dynamic of its kind in Europe. If there is a new idea going around, the Dutch will have a crack at it and Iep is part of that zest for the new and unusual.


assessing the European cabovers


The BIGtruck website is Iep’s shopfront to the world (in Dutch only, unfortunately). This is where all of those spyshots of the new trucks which are still in development first appear. Iep is the man with his finger on the pulse.

assessing the European cabovers