Attract New Blood, Get Tech Savvy


Attract New Blood, Get Tech Savvy

Transport is short on drivers and the pool is getting smaller as more reach retirement. As transport tasks increase, attracting younger employees is becoming a priority. But how? By rolling out technological solutions that are part of their everyday life.

The new generation of workers hitting the job market would barely remember a time before smartphones and social media. Implementing technology solutions that appeals is about proving your relevance to an in-demand group who expect digital processes as the standard. According to research by PwC, three quarters of younger employees believe using technology in the workplace makes them more productive.

Going digital means getting efficient

You wouldn’t give drivers a horse and cart for deliveries, so why do so many operations managers and allocators still rely on paper maps and workbooks? Schedules are tight and many drivers struggle to understand what’s expected of them from both a compliance and company policy perspective. Having tools that put the information they need at their fingertips allows them to get on with the job.

Just as we’re now more likely to pull out our phone’s calculator than add up numbers in our head, technology brings convenience. In-cabin devices can simplify a driver’s work day from calculating rest breaks to alerting them to their speed. It all makes their tasks at hand simpler and less stressful, while also giving you better visibility into your business all from the back-office.

A safe and valued employee sticks around

With technology comes improved safety. In-cabin devices alert drivers to unsafe behaviours such as speeding, your drivers can correct their behaviour with real-time feedback. These features reassure current or potential drivers that you care about more than just getting the job done. Their safety and wellbeing becomes a top-priority. Making your driver’s job easier and safer shows that you value them and their time.

It’s not just drivers, either

While appealing to younger drivers is crucial during a shortage, it’s an important consideration for other aspects of the business as well. When recruiting for back-office staff, you want to attract the brightest and best candidates who can take your business to the next level.

Manual tasks like deciphering handwritten scrawl and manually keying in data can easily be automated. This frees up admin to analyse business trends, improve customer satisfaction or making sales appointments. With technology at their disposal employees can contribute to business strategy and big-picture thinking.

You don’t want to be the company that potential employees reject because of outdated and confusing processes. It’s time to match your fleets’ skills with the tools to get the most out of them. As you greet new employees, make sure you’re saying goodbye to paper.

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