Australian Electric Technology in the US

Australian electric power technology in a production facility in the US

The announcement that Ford are building a 100 per cent electric van using Australian electric technology in the US at the company’s Detroit Chassis Plant, is a major step forward for, Australian electric power specialists, SEA Electric.

“This is an exciting step forward for SEA Electric’s global footprint and a positive result for our USA operations who are currently working towards fulfilling several orders in the pipeline,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric CEO.

The Melbourne-based operation has marked a turning point in its history with the first Ford F-59 100 per cent electric van going into production at Ford’s Detroit Chassis Plant, Detroit, Michigan, USA. 

The F-59 EV is being built on a Morgan Olson Walk-in Van body and will be deployed later in 2019 for delivery routes in the greater Detroit area with a leading package delivery company.


Australian electric power technology in a production facility in the US


The vans emerging from the production facility in the US will be powered by a SEA Drive 120b power-system, which develops 150kW of continuous power and 250kW maximum power, as well as 2500 Nm maximum torque. With a range of up to 220 miles (350km), zero emissions, fewer moving parts and lower running costs, the 100 per cent electric van is designed specifically for short stop-start delivery runs.

Charge time for the batteries is four to six hours using a 19.2kW single phase 240V on board charger.

“We’re confident the fleet customer will love the overall performance of this SEA-Drive powered delivery van,” said David Brosky, SEA Electric’s Regional Director North America. “We anticipate a very successful trial which will lead to substantial follow-on orders from fleet customers within the next 6 to12 months.”

SEA Electric is involved with developing and assembling 100 per cent electric-powered vans, commuter buses, and light/medium duty rigid truck models using its proprietary SEA-Drive power-systems. 

In Australia, the company is working with Isuzu and some other truck brands to engineer and assemble SEA Electric power-systems into their models.The company says it has plans underway for an assembly facility in the Latrobe Valley in regional Victoria.


Australian electric power technology in a production facility in the US