technical resources by industry for industry

Technical Resources by Industry for Industry

When it comes to understanding compliance and regulatory procedures, things aren’t always too clear, so we need technical resources by industry for industry, reckons Bob Woodward, Australian Trucking Association Chief Engineer. Read more

fully electric garbage handling by Mack

Fully Electric Garbage Handling by Mack

With unveiling of the Mack LR battery electric vehicle (BEV), the company introcduced fully electric garbage handling by Mack. The new truck combinies the US refuse industry standard design of the Mack LR model with a fully electric Mack drivetrain. The demonstration model will begin real-world testing in 2020 in the operations of the New York City Department of Sanitation. Read more

electric DAFs for hauling containers

Electric DAFs for Hauling Containers

A container hinterland logistics network, Contargo is currently in operation in Germany using electric DAFs for hauling containers. These fully electric field test vehicles collect and deliver containers at the inland Port of Duisburg in Germany.  Read more

safety tech saves lives

Safety Tech Saves Lives

The Australian Trucking Association has long urged government to take immediate action on mandating advanced safety technologies for new trucks, like electronic braking, to reduce truck rollovers and improve safety outcomes, because safety tech saves lives. Read more

continually adapting and modifying

Continually Adapting and Modifying

As such, the Vacvator company could be described as a serial innovator, continually adapting and modifying its products in line with customer requests and the latest best-practice designs. This helps ensure the products are always at the top of the tree.   Read more

diversity and experience

Diversity and Experience

At T&M Heavy Mechanical and Site Services, diversity and experience underpins the success of the West Australian truck repairs and haulage business.  Read more

an ongoing issue in the trucking industry

An Ongoing Issue in the Trucking Industry

The disconnection between the type of braking systems available, globally, and the regulations in Australia which specify brake performance has been an ongoing issue in the trucking industry. The introduction of mandatory electronic braking systems (EBS) is having the effect of bringing the legislation up to date with the technology. Read more