improving safety for our heavy vehicle drivers

Improving Safety For Our Heavy Vehicle Drivers

We tend to envisage truck drivers as endurance warriors, however, the reality is that they are subject to greater safety and health risks than any other occupation, but what can we do about Improving safety for our heavy vehicle drivers?
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disc brake inspection guide

Disc Brake Inspection Guide

While certainly not new, air disc brakes are a quickly growing portion of the heavy vehicle braking systems, this is a disc brake inspection guide covering the basic principles.  Read more

monitoring fatigue and distraction

Monitoring Fatigue and Distraction

Many trucking operators are biting the bullet and using technology as a way of monitoring fatigue and distraction and being aware of the road ahead, essentially giving the driver an extra eye that’s watching the road for when they aren’t. Read more

understanding Side Underrun Protection

Understanding Side Underrun Protection

An effective measure that trucking operators can implement to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users when sharing the road with heavy vehicles is understanding Side Underrun Protection (SUP), devices that reduce the chance of a cyclist or pedestrian falling under the wheels of a truck. Australian Trucking Association Chief Engineer, Bob Woodward, explains some of the issues. Read more

battery selection, the right battery for the job

Battery Selection, the Right Battery for the Job

Consider the pros and cons of each model and the features and benefits they offer, when considering battery selection, the right battery for the job you want it to perform and the location where it will be fitted, is no different to weighing up the selection of the vehicle for the task it will be used for in the environment it will be operated.  Read more

living with AEB

Living with AEB

The trucking industry is going to have to learn about living with AEB, when it becomes a required system on trucks. The government is proposing to require autonomous emergency braking (AEB) to be fitted to all new model trucks by November 1 2020 and to be fitted on all new trucks sold in Australia by November 1 2022. The ADR in development will be based on the European UNECE 131 specifications. Read more

using truck maintenance data for CoR

Using Truck Maintenance Data for CoR

There has been a change in emphasis of responsibility for those working on the maintenance of truck, in terms of the Chain of Responsibility and operators could be using truck maintenance data for CoR. Read more