highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured

This week has seen another highway hero honoured as part of the Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian. A livestock transprter was commended for his quick thinking and selfless response in saving the life of a motorist trapped in an overturned vehicle. Read more

$8 million funding for improved truck access

$8 million Funding For Improved Truck Access

In a move which will see local councils carry out and manage engineering assessments of their bridges and culverts, the Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project will see up to $8 million funding for improved truck access. To begin with the project will include 12 councils nationwide in its pilot phase. Read more

new man at the ATA

New Man at the ATA

The election of David Smith to the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association means there is a new man at the ATA, after the three year term as Chair of Geoff Crouch. Read more

why is the Australian diesel reserve in the US?

Why is the Australian Diesel Reserve in the US?

The Australian Trucking Association is asking why is the Australian diesel reserve in the US? It has condemned the Government’s decision to establish its fuel reserve in the United States saying it is a serious strategic error. The federal opposition has described the decision as bizarre. Read more

ongoing major fuel security fears

Ongoing Major Fuel Security Fears

The Australian Trucking Association has expressed its ongoing major fuel security fears after the Federal Government decision to lease space in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. According to the ATA it should, instead, store an emergency reserve here in Australia. Read more

looking out for a bushfire hero

Looking Out For a Bushfire Hero

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and Bridgestone Australia are looking out for a bushfire hero, aiming to honour truck drivers who showed selflessness and heroism during the Australian bushfire crisis, calling for truck drivers to be put forward for a Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian Award. Read more