Supermarket Contract Rates Deal

A new initiative from the big players in the road transport market looks at setting rates for the transport of goods destined for the big supermarkets. NatRoad has come out this week and expressed its ongoing concerns over the possibility the Road Safety RemunerationTribunal may shortly proceed to issue a Road Safety Remuneration Order to govern Contractor Minimum Payment Rates. Read more

Overcharging may continue

The trucking industry may continue to be over charged for the use of Australia’s road infrastructure. The meeting of the Australian Transport and Infrastructure Ministerial Council takes place today with a number of big ticket items on the agenda. As the nation’s transport ministers gather in Adelaide, they are set to consider the determination of the level of fuel-based road user charge and vehicle registration charges. Read more

Queensland to Slug Trucks for Costs

Not content with over charging the trucking industry through rego charges, the Queensland government is to make trucks bear the full cost of a road upgrade. The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) President, Allan Thornley, has called on governments not to view Australia’s road transport industry as a ‘milch cow’ providing them with an easy source of revenue. Read more

New CEO for NatRoad

Allan Thornley, the recently elected President of the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad), has announced the appointment of a new CEO for the association. Warren Clark has been named as the new CEO of NatRoad. He is expected to commence employment with the organisation on November 2. Read more

Talking Turkey About Trucking

On the right terms

It’s one of those endemic problems in the trucking industry which pops its head up every few years. The problem of the big customers bullying smaller trucking operations into accepting longer payment terms to help the big boys cash flow is a perennial problem. Late payment can wipe out cash flow, at a stroke. Read more

New NatRoad President

At the recent NatRoad Conference in Brisbane a new President was unveiled, replacing Jeff Crouch, who has stepped down after four years in the role. The association announced the elevation of Allan Thornley to the role of President on the last night of the conference in the Brisbane Convention Centre. Read more

Black Panther for Auction

The upcoming NatRoad Conference will see a specially built refrigeration unit, called the Black Panther, up for auction, among a number of other items at the MaxiTrans and Thermo King Auction Dinner, an integral part of the event. Read more

One voice on critical COR reform

All of the representatives of the trucking industry have agreed to a single submission to the National Transport Commission on amendments needed to improve the current chain of responsibility situation. Speaking at an industry information forum, hosted by Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers on the Gold Coast today, Chris Melham has outlined the road transport industry’s position on COR. Read more

New NatRoad CEO announced

The name of the new CEO at NatRoad has been announced by the association’s President, Geoff Crouch. The appointment of Warwick Ragg as the next CEO of NatRoad will commence on Monday, February 9, with a two week transition in which outgoing CEO Chris Melham will ease him through the change, before taking up the role as CEO of the Australian Trucking Association. Read more

Talking Turkey About Trucking

Getting the story out there

By the time we get to the ATA conference in March, the trucking industry will have seen a lot of changes in the past year or so, among the people representing stakeholders. A large proportion of those representing the transport industry in industry associations, as well as those heading the important government agencies and organisations we deal with, are part of leadership changes. Read more