medium-duty trucks rarely break away from the ‘burbs

Medium-Duty Trucks Rarely Break away From the ‘Burbs

While many medium-duty trucks rarely break away from the ‘burbs, there are some that do the long highway hauls just like their big brothers. Paul Matthei set off from Brisbane bound for Sydney via Tamworth and Dubbo to evaluate the performance of Hino’s all-new 500 Series Standard Cab in the wide-open spaces Read more

workhorse of the trucking industry

Workhorse of the Trucking Industry

The kind of truck on test in Diesel News this week is the workhorse of the trucking industry. Our assessment took the new UD Quon eight litre CD 25 360 out for a test drive including a climb of the Toowoomba range and a trip around the twist and turns in a number of urban delivery locations in Brisbane. This is the kind of work this truck can expect to be involved with in its normal working life. Read more

the build quality of the new Hyundai Xcient

The Build Quality of the new Hyundai Xcient

Once out on the road, the build quality of the new Hyundai Xcient prime mover comes into its own. There are no creaks and rattles in a loaded truck over rough roads and all of the controls are positive and well adjusted. There is a reassuring reaction to any action by the driver. The steering feels precise, the ZF AS Tronic AMT is set up to make the right gear changes at the right time. Read more

rural trucking costs are a major factor in productivity

Rural Trucking Costs are a Major Factor in Productivity

In all of the commentary around Australia’s economic performance there is always plenty of discussion about major indices associated with agriculture, resources etc, but rural trucking costs are a major factor in productivity. Deloitte were commissioned by AgriFutures Australia to put together a report entitled ‘The Impact of Freight Costs on Australian Farms’. This report confirms agriculture is vitally important to the strength of the economy with over 66 per cent of annual agricultural production exported overseas. Read more

surprised by the sophistication of the new Hyundai

Surprised by the Sophistication of the New Hyundai

People might be surprised by the sophistication of the new Hyundai Xcient prime mover which has recently arrived from South Korea. Diesel News took the new model for a test drive to see exactly where this kind of truck sits in the Australian truck market. Read more

the end of an Acco era

The End of an Acco Era

As the last Euro 5 model rolled off the line in Dandenong in Victoria and the last unit left the assembly plant it marked the end of an Acco era. The Iveco Acco has been a mainstay of the Australian trucking scene since its first appearance back in 1961.  Read more

UD Trucks’ smooth operator

UD Trucks’ Smooth Operator

By combining the Quon cab and an 8 litre engine, we now have UD Trucks’ smooth operator at the lighter and of heavy duty truck market, Diesel News tests one of the new trucks in and around Brisbane. Read more

how much room is there in the new XXL?

How Much Room is There in the New XXL?

As a cabin in which to live, how much room is there in the new XXL? On the rercent test of the truck by Diesel News, this new model from Volvo does feel quite roomy. The overhead lockers are the same size as those which would be fitted in the standard sized cabin. However, the increased length of cabin does mean that there is an extra 50 litres of storage under the bunk. This can be accessed by lifting the bunk and the side lockers are also accessible from outside the cabin. Read more

on highway experience

On Highway Experience 

The crux of any test drive in a new truck is the on highway experience, how it actually feels to drive this truck in normal conditions and how it reacts to a challenge. This is as important with the less glamorous trucks in the fleet as it is with the top end heavy duty prime movers. Read more