S-Way on the road

S-Way On The Road

S-Way’s driveline is exactly the same as Stralis’s, which is good news as far as Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, is concerned, but how is the S-Way on the road? Read more

Chinese truck makers trying to break into this market

Chinese Truck Makers Trying to Break Into this Market

So far, all of the attempts by Chinese truck makers trying to break into this market, which is extremely competitive and dominated by three highly professional Japanese truck manufacturers Isuzu, Hino and Fuso, have not been successful. JAC Trucks came and went. Likewise, JMC trucks appeared for a short time then disappeared in a short few months. Read more

heavy duty trucks from Fuso

Heavy Duty Trucks From Fuso

When Daimler decided to run an evaluation program for the next generation of heavy duty trucks from Fuso, they decided to make the new prototypes even more obvious. The camouflage style artwork chosen by Fuso is even brighter and even more instantly recognisable than Daimler are using on the evaluation the Cascadia trucks, which in turn is more obvious than that used on the Mercedes Benz three years ago. The bright reds and blues mean anyone can see this is a very different truck from a mile off.  Read more

the heart of the matter for Hino

The Heart of the Matter for Hino

Once out on the road and negotiating traffic in a loaded truck it is possible for the driver of the new Hino 500 Standard Cab to begin to understand the heart of the matter for Hino. This engine declares its difference as soon as the driver puts their foot down. This is a different engine note, the rpm levels look a bit low and the transmission is grabbing a next gear well before one would normally expect.  Read more

Renault product will always look a little quirky

Renault Product Will Always Look a Little Quirky

The design of most Renault product will always look a little quirky. The company doesn’t go for the conventional if it can demonstrate a little style or introduce a little Gallic ingenuity. This is the case, even in the work horse, Master van, which Diesel News took for a test drive. Read more

how big is the Volvo XXL?

How Big is the Volvo XXL?

The magic number everyone wants to know is how big is the Volvo XXL? When we’re talking about the cabin space, it is often the dimensions of the bunk available which counts. In the case of the XXL we’re talking about a bed which is 2,130mm long and 1,065mm wide at its widest point, in the middle. There are cutouts at either end for the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Read more

top tech awards at the TMC

Top Tech Awards at the TMC

This week saw the truck top tech awards at the TMC, the Castrol Vecton Awards Dinner, as part of the annual Technical and Maintenance Conference, held in Melbourne at the Automotive Centre of Excellence at Kangan Batman TAFE rewards the technical teams in trucking for dedication and innovation. Read more

Stralis has a bit of an image issue

The Stralis Has a Bit of an Image Issue

While the Stralis is hugely popular in Southern Europe, particularly Spain and Italy, the Stralis has a bit of an image issue with some UK drivers, reckons Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. Much of this stems from its interiors, which while perfectly competent, aren’t as plush as some rivals. It doesn’t matter how great a truck is to drive, if the interior lets it down, it will never win over drivers.  Read more

the light duty looks department

The Light Duty Looks Department

The Foton Aumark S fares quite well in the light duty looks department with a design which is clearly in line with the latest truck aesthetic. The grille at the front gives away the strong relationship that Foton has with the Daimler Truck organisation with its close resemblance to the style used on the front of the latest heavy duty Mercedes-Benz in Australia. By the way, this cabin is fully ECE R29 crash test complaint. Read more

development of fuel cell/electric powertrains for trucks

Development of Fuel Cell/Electric Powertrains for Trucks

A couple of recent announcements will see a concentration on the development of fuel cell/electric powertrains for trucks by Hyundai and Cummins. Hyundai has entered into a joint venture to promote a green hydrogen ecosystem in European countries into the future. The Korean company has also recently announced a deal with engine-maker Cummins to combine Hyundai fuel cell technology with the electric powertrain Cummins is developing. Read more