first impressions of the new DAF XF flagship

First Impressions of the new DAF XF Flagship

Climbing up into the truck is a familiar experience, and the first impressions of the new DAF XF flagship remind us that the Europeans seem to match each other in step heights and widths, almost to the millimetre.  Read more

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truck sales figures are holding up

Truck Sales Figures are Holding Up

Judging by the latest data released by the Truck Industry Council, truck sales figures are holding up despite the enduring pandemic crisis which has made 2020 such an unpredictable year. Even without the advent of Covid-19 truck sales numbers were expected to fall substantially this year after a record breaking 2019. Read more

dispatches from the UK frontline

Dispatches from the UK Frontline

Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, sends us his dispatches from the UK frontline, where the transport industry coped admirably with COVID-19, giving truck drivers a much-needed PR boost. But for how much longer will they be flavour of the month?  Read more

first all-electric light truck in Australia

First All-electric Light Truck in Australia

Fuso will introduce the world’s first all-electric light truck in Australia next February, when the Fuso eCanter, which produces zero exhaust pipe emissions becomes the first mass produced electric truck to go on sale in the country. Read more

DAF’s great leap forward

DAF’s Great Leap Forward

With this new level of sophistication and in catching up with what is available in Europe, this latest launch can be seen as DAF’s great leap forward into the modern Australian trucking environment. We are no longer as suspicious of all of the latest gadgetry in our trucks and are willing to allow automated systems to do some of the heavy lifting if there is a productivity and safety gain, and there clearly is. Read more

all change for UD medium duty

All Change for UD Medium Duty

The introduction of the UD Croner means it is all change for UD medium duty trucks as the integration of Volvo group technology across all of its brands and ranges becomes even more apparent.  Read more

Big Rigs, joins the Prime stable

Big Rigs, Joins the Prime Stable

This week, another trucking industry icon, Big Rigs, joins the Prime stable, as Diesel’s publisher, Prime Creative Media, announces it’s delighted to be the new custodian of Big Rigs National Road Transport Newspaper, that has proudly covered the transport industry for the past 28 years. Read more

the new Volvo’s inside story

The New Volvo’s Inside Story

Anyone feeling slightly underwhelmed by the external changes to the new Volvo FH, launched virtually earlier this year and witnessed by Diesel News European Correspondent, Will Shiers, should be slightly happier with the new Volvo’s inside story. The Swedish truck maker hasn’t gone overboard, but it is a considerable improvement over its predecessor. Read more

Hino release the new 300 Series Light duty truck

Hino Release the New 300 Series Light Duty Truck

This week new levels of features and performance have been reached at the lower end of the weight range as Hino release the new 300 Series Light duty truck. The new range features something Hino are calling SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the life of drivers, passengers and other road users. Read more