zero-emission truck, Nikola Tre

Zero-Emission Truck, Nikola Tre

Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, takes a look at the zero-emission truck, Nikola Tre, and catches up with Nikola’s outspoken CEO, Trevor Milton. Read more

How to Stay Connected to Clients and Still Make Sales During the COVID-19 Crisis

During a crisis such as this, the industry landscape can be changing daily and it’s important to know how to stay connected to clients and still make sales during the COVID-19 crisis. Prime Creative Media offers this complimentary resource for B2B companies on how to best equip your team to communicate regularly with clients, and still generate sales. Read more

a rural trucking workhorse

A Rural Trucking Workhorse

There is a particular type of truck which is ideal for the the kind of transport task which is undertaken in rural areas, a rural trucking workhorse. You need a reliable, long wheelbase 6×4 rigid with enough power to pull a fully loaded truck and trailer, as well as the something which is easy to use and can cope with anything thrown at it. Read more

European tipper and dog sales growth

European Tipper and Dog Sales Growth

In recent years the European tipper and dog sales growth has eaten into the US trucks’ dominance in the tipper and dog market following its growth in market share in prime mover sales. Hence, at Brisbane Truck Show last year both Scania and MAN had a 6×4 tipper prominently on display. Read more

new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

New Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

The user interface for trucking fleets has got easier with the introduction of a new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack. The new dashboard is designed to deliver richer insights on fleet and driver performance.  Read more

tailor made trucks

Tailor Made Trucks

When you look at the Isuzu truck range, it is not obvious as to why the brand has been market leader for 30 years, although it has led the way on tailor made trucks.  Read more

ongoing major fuel security fears

Ongoing Major Fuel Security Fears

The Australian Trucking Association has expressed its ongoing major fuel security fears after the Federal Government decision to lease space in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. According to the ATA it should, instead, store an emergency reserve here in Australia. Read more

slow start to truck sales

Slow Start to Truck Sales

The fact that in this year of bushfires and coronavirus, there is a slow start to truck sales in Australia, is not going to be a surprise to anyone. In many ways, the economy is on hold and uncertainty is undermining the economic outlook. The latest truck sales figures from the Truck Industry Council reflect the level of concern in the business community. Read more