S-Way better than Stralis

S-Way Better Than Stralis

Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers reckons the latest heavy duty release from Iveco in Europe is ‘S-Way better than Stralis’. He opines the S-Way is a huge improvement over the Stralis it replaces, but could Iveco have done a bit more with the interior? Read more

the big little truck or the little big truck?

The Big Little Truck or the Little Big Truck?

Driving the new Standard Cab Hino 500 does beg a question about what is going on here, is this the big little truck or the little big truck? Even if you don’t know the answer, it is clear this new model has a lot going on and has introduced some new concepts into the medium duty truck market. Read more

where the Bulldog Brand is heading

Where the Bulldog Brand is Heading

Diesel News has been hearing from Mack Trucks Australia Vice-President, the effervescent Dean Bestwick on where the Bulldog Brand is heading in the future. A bulldog boy to the bone, Bestwick started by articulating what a joy and privilege it is for him to be working with the brand as it celebrates its centenary this year. Read more

Australian electric power technology in a production facility in the US

Australian Electric Technology in the US

The announcement that Ford are building a 100 per cent electric van using Australian electric technology in the US at the company’s Detroit Chassis Plant, is a major step forward for, Australian electric power specialists, SEA Electric. Read more

a truck tsunami is coming

A Truck Tsunami is Coming

In this video it doesn’t look like a truck tsunami is coming, this truck looks quite lonely as the first freight vehicle to descend the Toowoomba Range on the newly opened Toowoomba Bypass. In the same week as this good news and low congestion story is doing the rounds, the Port of Brisbane is stirring up the anti-truck lobby with threats about a ‘truck tsunami’. Read more

Iveco is to spin off from its current owner

Iveco is to Spin-Off from its Current Owner

An announcement has been made by CNH Industrial that, truck manufacturer, Iveco is to spin off from its current owner. The implications for Iveco globally and locally in Australia, where the company still manufactures trucks at its plant in Dandenong, Victoria, is, as yet, unclear. According to the statement the spin off is expected to be completed by early 2021.

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continual drive to lower the fuel consumption

Continual Drive to Lower the Fuel Consumption

Scania has introduced a P 360 8×2 rigid version of its New Truck Generation range part of its continual drive to lower the fuel consumption of its trucks. The truck is targeted squarely at urban distribution roles and Paul Matthei took a loaded unit for a jaunt over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and returned with an extraordinary fuel figure. Read more

what’s under the hood?

What’s Under the Hood?

The difference in the new Fuso Shogun is not about what it looks like, it’s all about what’s under the hood? The answer to the question is a whole range of global Daimler components and a demonstration of how the global truck manufacturer spreads its technology across as many brands as possible while trying to keep individual brand identity. Read more

new developments within the Volvo organisation

Developments Within the Volvo Organisation

Every year Volvo Group Australia takes the opportunity to brief the media on several new developments within the Volvo organisation. The prevailing theme this year centred on how the company is working hard to at least meet if not exceed client expectations across its diverse product range. Paul Matthei reports. Read more

lowest possible total cost of ownership

Lowest Possible Total Cost of Ownership

Tailor-made solutions designed to give operators the lowest possible total cost of ownership for the effective life of the vehicle or fleet is a priority for many trucking businesses. Scania, as a truck manufacturer reckons that it has done its utmost in recent years to provide its customers with this kind of solution. Read more