Sydney container coverage

Sydney Container Coverage

Although it mainly concentrates on Sydney container coverage, some of the longest runs PJG Transport handles are to Melbourne, with containers for fumigation. The trucks are more normally running around the Sydney region as well as heading out of the city as far as Taree, Newcastle, Dubbo and Canberra.  Read more

increasing productivity with SPECTS

Increasing Productivity with SPECTS 

Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport are increasing productivity with SPECTS, pioneering using Transport for NSW’s Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transport Scheme, known as SPECTS. The system has been devised to enable operators to be able to run new combinations without having to add the Intelligent Access Program to their trucks. Read more

ongoing success of Russell Transport

Ongoing Success of Russell Transport

One of the key factors in the ongoing success of Russell Transport in Queensland is the diversity of its operations. Diesel News speaks with Shane Rachow, Supervisor of the company’s Heavy Haulage division, to find out what makes this highly specialised operation tick. Read more

up and down the supply chain

Up and Down the Supply Chain

Collection and delivery points are many and varied in the livestock game as trucks are involved up and down the supply chain. The basic loading set up at a cattle property, as well as the loading and unloading facilities in sale yards and abattoirs are an ongoing concern. Read more

being in the box business

Being in the Box Business

For a trucking operator, being in the box business can be a a stressful environment to work in, but it can have its rewards, rewards for a bit of hard yacka. Diesel News talks to Peter Gatt, running a busy container operation out of Enfield, just south of Sydney’s Olympic Park.
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not just a transport operation

Not Just a Transport Operation

The Bedrock business is not just a transport operation, the end-users are buying the product from Bedrock and it is being delivered in Bedrock trucks, although the company also uses a number of sub-contractors.  Read more

differences in culture and operation

Differences in Culture and Operation

The move from a long career using road trains in the Northern Territory to the relatively civilised Gold Coast and much smaller combination has meant a lot of differences in culture and operation for Spud Murphy. Read more

up and down the supply chain

Look at the Broader Picture

Operators handling the task which was formerly one which was simply that of getting livestock to the saleyards or abattoir now have to look at the broader picture. The work is now fraught with a wide array of regulatory and compliance issues. Read more

Bedrock’s colours are instantly recognisable

Bedrock’s Colours are Instantly Recognisable

The tippers running around Sydney in Bedrock’s colours are instantly recognisable and there seems to be plenty of them on the roads. The infrastructure growth in Sydney means there are a lot of building materials on the move to feed the projects on the go.  Read more