keeping compliance simple

Keeping Compliance Simple

One of the biggest challenges facing smaller trucking operators is keeping compliance simple. Diesel News meets a Queensland operator who seems to have found an electronic fix to auditable compliance that doesn’t involve reams of paper or a selection of black boxes in the cabin.

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another link in the cold chain

Another Link in the Cold Chain

Getting the operation just right, so you are not just another link in the cold chain is working well for Link Cold Storage and Transport in Wangaratta. Diesel News calls in to see how the job should be done.

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dealing with a known quantity

Dealing With a Known Quantity

Express freight specialist AJM Transport has engaged a number of different truck brands over the last 15 years for its fleet but now prefers to be dealing with a known quantity. Paul Matthei speaks with Anthony Mansell, Director of AJM Transport, to find out more. 

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rational transport collaboration in the West

Rational Transport Collaboration in the West

Western Australia’s trucking industry association, the Western Road Federation, and it’s metro logistics initiative is seen to be leading to rational transport collaboration in the West, in the co-ordinating of road transport logistic planning and the future vision for Perth.

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keep track of trucks

Keep Track of Trucks

With a business distributing fuel to distributors in rural NSW, in areas such as Inverell, Moree and Goondiwindi, it’s important for Rob Hanneman to keep track of trucks. He started the Maktrans operation 13 years ago after he took over from an existing fuel carting business. 

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complete solution capability

Complete Solution Capability

MaxiTrans will be demonstrating its complete solution capability and its commitment to providing reliable support throughout the MaxiTrans national network. The company will also be emphasising its end-to-end capability by showcasing MaxiParts and MaxiTrans Servicing, as well as its recently acquired Live Bottom Floor solution, Trout River Australia.

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getting compliance right

Getting Compliance Right

When Rob Hannemann started the Maktrans operation 13 years ago after he took over from an existing fuel carting business, getting compliance right was not the number one priority.The initial two trucks were part of a contract with BP to distribute fuel to the distributors in rural NSW, in areas such as Inverell, Moree and Goondiwindi. The original business had been located in Ipswich but Rob relocated it to his hometown, Toowoomba. 

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compliance from the driver’s seat

Compliance From the Driver’s Seat

As the world of road transport becomes more complex and new laws tighten up around compliance, compliance from the driver’s seat becomes more difficult. The truck driver is still the key component in any compliance strategy for a trucking operation.

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a question of scale

A Question Of Scale

Handling fuel supplies to vast rural areas like northwestern NSW requires a specific kind of operation, it’s a question of scale.

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longest regular trucking task

Longest Regular Trucking Task

CEVA Logistics has further extended its road freight service across Asia between China and Europe to begin running the longest regular trucking task. This follows on from CEVA’s first ever TIR documented truck to Poland at the end of last year. The company recently marked a new milestone with its first ever truck from China arriving safely at its destination in Spain.

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