highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured

Silverdale Sand and Soil’s Brendon Gilbert has received the recognition of the Australian Trucking Industry, being named as the latest highway hero honoured as a Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian for coming to the aid of a motorcyclist who had a medical episode on one of Sydney’s busiest corridors.

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opportunities to improve health

Opportunities, to Improve Health

A Monash University study, done in partnership with Linfox and the Transport Workers Union, takes a more holistic approach, to identify opportunities to improve health and wellbeing amongst truck drivers, the study seeks to characterise the nature of injury and disease more broadly. The team are looking beyond road crashes and into things like mental health conditions, back pain and hearing loss which are all areas of major concern in truck drivers.

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knowledge is power

Knowledge is Power

Perth’s road transport operators have been identified as the key to solving Perth’s growth challenges and, in keeping with the adage ‘knowledge is power’, transport and courier companies are being asked to provide data for a new study of logistics in the city.

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changing paradigms

Changing Paradigms

Japanese truck brands have set the agenda in terms of what is and what is not included in the price and which level of sophistication, in terms of equipment, is included, but the new Hino 500 may start changing paradigms in this part of the market.

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safety concerns in road transport

Safety Concerns in Road Transport

When you start talking about the safety concerns in road transport, Jory Dunshea, Operations Manager of Custom Freight at Yatala conveys a message that would be welcomed by the loved ones of interstate truckies across the country.

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young people running a trucking operation

Young People Running a Trucking Operation

At 27 years of age, Jory Dunshea, Operations Manager of Custom Freight at Yatala, is one of the few young people running a trucking operation, in an industry where many people in this or similar roles are middle-age or older. But as Diesel News discovered, he’s a fast learner and has some insightful perspectives to bring to the table. 

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organised chaos

Organised Chaos

“From 5 o’clock it is just a frenzy of freight going everywhere; organised chaos, as we start this massive sorting process,” says Tim Sullivan of Sullivans Logistics.. “We put every bit of freight across the scales and we check it all off. The parcels go into cages, the paperwork is all printed and collated. It is all split up into the various towns and areas for delivery. 

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