what’s blockchain all about?

What’s Blockchain All About?

We keep hearing about something called blockchain being about to change the freight world, but many are asking, what’s blockchain all about? A speaker at the Global Heavy Vehicle Summit may have the answer.

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finding safe solutions

Find a Way to Steal a March on Competitors

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation, build a better mousetrap, find a way to steal a march on competitors; these are among the elements of what’s required to stay ahead of the pack and therefore remain profitable and viable in the future.

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Centurion growth continues

Centurion Growth Continues

After signing a new contract with Anglo American in Queensland, the Centurion growth continues on the East Coast, as well as in the West. Fifteen months after expanding into Queensland’s heavy haulage marketplace, transport and logistics provider Centurion has entered its second phase of growth in the State with the award of a contract for one of the Bowen Basin’s largest miners. 

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It’s a Great Trucking Life

For many truck drivers it’s a great trucking life, but if you look at media reports about trucking, it definitely isn’t. Videos like this one from Linfox do a little to redress the balance. We as an industry should be doing more like this and get the message out there that trucking can be a great life.

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harvesting and transporting plantation timber

Harvesting and Transporting Plantation Timber

In Queensland, SunChip’s business is harvesting and transporting plantation timber grown in a vast swathe of forest stretching from Bundaberg to Brisbane. Growing time for the Caribbean pine from planting to harvest is 30 years, after which the land is replanted within six to 12 months and the cycle repeats itself.

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An unreliable truck with good fuel economy

An Unreliable Truck With Good Fuel Economy

“I learnt early on in the piece about fuel economy. An unreliable truck with good fuel economy, you don’t want,” says Ken Pitt, All Size Equipment Transport (ASET) Managing Director. “It’s hard for us. We are running against a lot of wind and on smaller tyres. It’s very hard to compare loads and consumption. I’ll take reliability every day of the week.”

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a family-owned and run operation

A Family Owned and Run Operation

In an era where small businesses are being swallowed up by large multinationals at an alarming rate, it’s refreshing to discover a family-owned and run operation such as Maleny Dairies. They are not just surviving but thriving by producing top quality products for which many satisfied customers are happy to pay a premium. Needless to say, you won’t find supermarket-style dollar-per-litre milk here because that’s not what this outfit is about.

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the return of the Freightliner FLB

The Return of the Freightliner FLB 

A South Australian heavy haulage outfit is planning the return of the Freightliner FLB. Ken Pitt, All Size Equipment Transport (ASET) Managing Director has moved away from a policy of buying new trucks as he says he hasn’t found a specification available in a new truck that can match what he can achieve in terms of configuration and mass. 

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in the business of Moovin’ Milk

In the Business of Moovin’ milk

Third generation dairy producers Ross and Sally Hopper are in the business of Moovin’ Milk. Ross’s grandfather originally bought the dairy farm in 1948 and proceeded to run it in the traditional way, followed on by his father, Harold. This was just how things were done in the latter half of the 20th century, but with the approach of the new millennium the third generation of Hoppers realised that to remain viable they needed a paradigm shift in their operations. 

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Utilising the Latest Technology Equipment

SunChip has carved out an enviable reputation in the plantation forests of southeast Queensland and southern NSW, utilising the latest technology equipment including Mack trucks, Elphinstone trailers and Tigercat forestry machines. Diesel News spoke with SunChip General Manager, Dirk Koeppen.

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