start looking after our truckies

Start Looking After Our Truckies

As truck driving is such a low status profession in Australia, perhaps, when the country suddenly realises it needs them after all, we should start looking after our truckies. Or, perhaps, we should have been looking after them properly all of the time. Read more

adapt to the new normal

Adapt to the New Normal

How the trucking industry is going to adapt to the new normal is going to be a test for everyone involved. There are immediate distribution and supply chain issues right now, and some of them are being solved quickly. It is easier to override curfews around late night supermarket deliveries than it is to try and stop the panic buying of some goods in the supermarket.  Read more

artificial intelligence or driver intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or Driver Intelligence?

The trucking industry’s headlong dive into the latest technological solutions for just about everything begs the question as to whether we need more artificial intelligence or driver intelligence? We keep on putting more black boxes into the cab, at great expense, but how much is being spent on making the drivers themselves better? Read more

road charging raises its ugly head

Road Charging Raises Its Ugly Head

There has been a constant stream of issues for the trucking industry every time road charging raises its ugly head. The facts of the matter are that the trucking industry should be expected to pay its way and fund the road network it needs to get the task of moving the goods around the country, as demanded by the economy. Read more

global driver shortage

Global Driver Shortage

While we talk a lot about the lack of quality drivers in Australia, we need to understand that. in fact, there is a global driver shortage. This is demonstrated by a recent discussion in which I was involved. Read more

a technological solution to fatigue

A Technological Solution to Fatigue

There is a lot of talk about how a technological solution to fatigue is both possible and effective. There is also a very large group of people in the industry who will resist any attempt to mandate any such technology. Read more

how far can driver surveillance go?

How Far Can Driver Surveillance Go?

The number of safety systems running in truck cabs is reaching a point where we have to ask the question about how far can driver surveillance go? Or, more precisely, what are the regulations and legal rights around monitoring an employee’s every move when they are doing their job. Read more

speak up for smaller operators

Speak Up for Smaller Operators

From the evidence of a few events recently it seems we need to think about the need to speak up for smaller operators. The fact of the matter is that the small companies predominate in the trucking industry, but when it comes to big picture decision making, this group have very little say in what is going on. Read more

finally tackling a long standing problem

Finally Tackling a Long Standing Problem

We have to commend the people at Transport for NSW for finally tackling a long standing problem with the announcement of a pilot scheme of fining tourists parking in allotted truck parking places. This has only been a problem for time immemorial, but at least someone has woken up to the issue. Read more