finally tackling a long standing problem

Finally Tackling a Long Standing Problem

We have to commend the people at Transport for NSW for finally tackling a long standing problem with the announcement of a pilot scheme of fining tourists parking in allotted truck parking places. This has only been a problem for time immemorial, but at least someone has woken up to the issue. Read more

reaching the bushfire tipping point

Reaching the Bushfire Tipping Point

There is nothing like a calamity to clear the mind and it may well be that Australia may be reaching the bushfire tipping point. But don’t hold your breath (although you may need to if you have been in smoky Melbourne this week)! Read more

a Happy Rational Christmas present

A Happy Rational Christmas Present

The latest publication from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator could turn out to be a Happy Rational Christmas present for the trucking industry if we engage with the proposals and ensure they are able to be implemented. Read more

will Australia get left behind?

Will Australia Get Left Behind?

There have been a growing number of stories and releases about new truck technology, but should we be concerned and will Australia get left behind? While new technology is being driven elsewhere by legislation ours lags well behind the latest technology. Read more

why is it always NSW

Why is it Always NSW?

We try and be fair and not single out individuals when there is a problem, but when it comes to roadside enforcement and unfair punishments being meted out, why is it always NSW we have to talk about? Read more

watch out for fatigue flexibility fatigue

Watch Out For Fatigue Flexibility Fatigue

There have been quite a few reviews and then re-reviews of fatigue rules and how to improve them, perhaps we now have to watch out for fatigue flexibility fatigue? The subject seems to be fraught with hurdles and we could end up with the same old, same old. Read more

government rip-off returns

Government Rip-off Returns

The reaction of the trucking industry needs to be swift, united and well targeted if and when the government rip-off returns, with the proposed increase in the Road User Charge (RUC). An unfair and badly managed levy on the trucking is being increased for no reason other than to top up revenue, even though the government itself has admitted it is already overcharging us. Read more

all care and no responsibility

All Care and No Responsibility

The power dynamic between parties in the supply chain is always an important factor and the ‘all care and no responsibility’ attitude of the stevedores in the main ports in Australia illustrates this point very well. Now the situation has come to the attention of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in the latest Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report. Read more

dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century

Dragged Kicking and Screaming into the 21st Century

Whether we like it or not it is pretty clear that in the future the Australian trucking industry will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, in terms of low carbon transport. In the absence of a clear climate change policy from governments around Australia, industry has dragged its feet in reducing carbon emissions, but technology, globally, moves ahead. Read more