some light at the end of the tunnel

Some Light at the End of the Tunnel

After twenty years of CoR we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Another stepping stone has appeared this week, as the trucking industry and its regulators set about changing the world one piece at a time. The latest piece in the jigsaw which will see, on completion, rational regulation of the trucking industry, is the Master Industry Code of Practice.

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crossing the borderline

Improved Targeting by Law Enforcement

This week the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator are promising improved targeting by law enforcement of compliance activities as a result of the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy, published earlier in the week.

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doing the right thing

Doing the Right Thing

A criticism of the trucking industry is often that not enough of the people working in the industry are doing the right thing. One person who has been doing the right thing and has often been a lone voice in the wilderness, is Rod Hannifey.

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reaching a tipping point

Reaching a Tipping Point

Sometimes it feels like the trucking industry is reaching a tipping point. In fact, it feels like that quite often, but the change may or may not be a quantum shift or a positive one for road transport. 

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do we want safer trucks?

Do We Want Safer Trucks?

The answer to the simple question, do we want safer trucks? Of course, the answer is yes, no-one wants their trucks to be less safe, do they. However a survey by the national Heavy Vehicle Regulator does highlight an issue. 

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finding safe solutions

Finding Safe Solutions

Reducing the road toll associated with trucking is a multifaceted problem and we need  to be smart when finding safe solutions. There is no silver bullet, we need everyone singing from the same hymn sheet and contributing to the overall wide ranging solution.

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spoilt for choice by PBS

Spoilt for Choice by PBS 

Judging by the layout of a chart released by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, trucking operators in Australia are going to be spoilt for choice by PBS. There’s plenty of ideas for the industry to get their teeth into and the combinations illustrated may inspire some to come up with further innovations on our roads.

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roadside enforcement unveiled

Roadside Enforcement Unveiled

This week has the seen the new face of roadside enforcement unveiled a little more clearly with those representing the different stakeholders in the trucking roadside enforcement game giving us their two bobs worth in Melbourne. The venue was the regular ‘meet the inspectors’ session at the ATA Technical and Maintenance Conference.

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fundamental issues for livestock transport

Finding the Pinch Points

So the brave new world of chain of responsibility is with us from the start of this month, it’s finding the pinch points and it’s really starting to bite. No? Well, no surprise there. We have waited around a long time for the CoR laws to find their true target and we can wait a bit longer, as long as they get it right in the end.

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an historic date

An Historic Date

Let’s hope October 1 2018 becomes an historic date for the trucking industry. If it works out as hoped, the day will be the point at which genuine responsibility was taken in ensuring there was no undue pressure forcing truck drivers to break the rules to get freight delivered. The day the chain of responsibility started to work properly.

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