women, it’s a culture thing

Women, It’s a Culture Thing

People are always talking about the low number of women in the trucking industry and when you ask a lot of women, it’s a culture thing, which is stopping their participation. Most women do not want to be part of a boys club.

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the searchlight turns

Representing the Small Fleet Truckies

The results are in and the two people representing the small fleet truckies on the Australian Trucking Association’s General Council have been named and congratulated accordingly. The winners of the 2019 ATA election were Frank Black(Arcidiaco) from Albert Park in South Australia and Angela Welsh from Blaxland East in NSW.

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social media attack

Make Like an Ostrich

It is no good for the trucking industry, in the run up to the federal election in the next couple of months, to make like an ostrich and bury its head in the sand. There is one issue which needs to be addressed and which may not go away, no matter how much we look away, it may still cause the industry some issues. 

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chain of fools

Chain of Fools

The chain of responsibility regulations are, generally, regarded by many in the industry as a positive and, if applied correctly, a force for good, but not for a chain of fools. It appears other arms of government and and those who administer the law in other areas of governance are neither informed or care about the CoR and its overall implications.

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ask the bloody question

Ask the Bloody Question

If the powers that be really wanted to know how to make life easier for truckies on the highway, they would ask the bloody question. Of course, asking the question might get you the wrong result, you might find out what the problem really is.

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prepare for disaster

Prepare for Disaster

The ability of the Australian economy to be able to prepare for disaster has come into focus this week with the events playing out in Townsville. The discussion, in this particular case, is around when and at what flooding levels the floodgates should have been opened.

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women to the fore

Women to the Fore

The awards announced in the Australia Day Honours this year have brought women to the fore from the road transport industry. In an industry dominated by the male of the species, two women have persevered through the years to represent the trucking industry and its best interests.

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looking for real change

Looking for Real Change

If you read about the issues which were coming up in this column a year ago, then anyone looking for real change will be severely disappointed. The problem sseem to be eternal, it all changes and remains the same.

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technology hype

Technology Hype

I sometimes wonder whether we are all getting caught up in a lot of high technology hype, getting carried away with autonomous electric trucks et al. Every day there is some new electric or fuel cell truck, a new technology is going to revolutionise trucks and trucking overnight.

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