the new Ready-to-Work Freightpack range

The New Ready-to-Work Freightpack range

The trucking industry in Australia first saw the new Ready-to-Work Freightpack range when it was officially previewed at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. The Ready-To-Work concept has a long history in the Isuzu camp with the first introduction being of ready to work tippers, followed by the Tradepack and Traypack options then the Vanpack and now Servicepack. Read more

into the brave new world with Isuzu

Into the Brave New World With Isuzu

In a new move this week, it is clear we are heading into the technological future, into the brave new world with Isuzu. Responding to the unprecedented rate of technological change within the global and domestic transport sectors, Isuzu has announced the creation of an Innovation business unit. Read more

the new MAN is 'Simply My Truck’

The new MAN is ‘Simply My Truck’

At its launch in Bilbao, Spain, the headline at the spectacular event unveiling the new MAN is ‘Simply My Truck’. The next generation of the German truck maker’s entire range has been brought bang up to date with all of the latest technology and a completely new driver’s environment. Read more

unveiling the new look MAN

Unveiling the New Look MAN 

Here is a video about unveiling the new look MAN truck in Europe. This is an event which is going to happen next week on February 10 in Bilbao. However, MAN have spent a lot of time and energy building up the hype in the period running up to the event, but also keeping the new look and design a strict secret.  Read more

electric trucks are the future

Electric Trucks are the Future

Reading the latest about new trucks around the world, we can be in no doubt that electric trucks are the future and it is simply a matter of how long until electric power predominates.  Read more

suited to regional and interstate work

Suited to Regional and Interstate Work

The purpose of Paul Matthei’s recent inland trip from Brisbane to Sydney, crossing the Great Dividing Range multiple times and traversing a number of highways less travelled by regular interstaters, was to determine how well the new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab is suited to regional and interstate work typical of some medium-duty operations. Read more

new bid to buy Navistar

New Bid to Buy Navistar

The International Trucks brand may become an integral part of a global truck manufacturing group, after Traton launched a new bid to buy Navistar, offering US$35 a share, to value the Chicago-based truck maker at US$3.5 billion. Read more

2020 start with low expectations

2020 Start With Low Expectations

Fears that the Australian economy is not moving ahead, as it should, sees truck sale figures in 2020 start with low expectations. The latest truck sales figures have just been released by the Truck Industry Council and show the year is going to be starting off from a low base.  Read more

taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards

Taking the Isuzu Range Onwards and Upwards

After 30 years as number one supplier of trucks in Australia, Isuzu know a thing or two about developing and selling trucks and the latest launch is taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards. The company’s offering keeps on changing and moving forward, never resting on its laurels, Diesel News checks out the latest batch of newbies. Read more