Key Priorities in a Vehicle Purchase

Key Priorities in a Vehicle Purchase

Versatility and practicality are key priorities in a vehicle purchase. As Diesel News’ Paul Matthei discovered during a recent test, Hino’s 300 Series Crew Auto fitted with a Kyokuto Slide Tray body has these qualities in spades. Read more

Keep an Eye on Things

Keep an Eye on Things

Responsibility and liability are important in any trucking business, operators need to keep an eye on things. One operator in Queensland has developed an innovative way of keeping an eye on things in the fleet and talks to Diesel News about the system used. Read more

Highway Hero, Hino Expansion, VW Plan and Cummins Getting Batteries

We hear about a Highway Hero, Hino Expansion, VW Plan and Cummins Getting Batteries in Diesel News this week.

Capability and confidence is at a high for Hino with increased involvement from five of Australia’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle retail groups.

“During 2017 and 2018, we will open three new Hino dealerships and upgrade four existing sites to meet increased demand,” said Bill Gillespie, Hino Australia’s General Manager Brand and Franchise Development. “It is significant that we have increased investment from five of Australia’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle retail groups in key locations across the country, namely Automotive Holding Group/AHG (Coffs Harbour), Sci Fleet (Eagle Farm, Brisbane), CMV Group (Laverton, Melbourne), AP Eagers (Mascot, Sydney) and the Suttons family-owned group (Arndell Park, Sydney). Read more

Hino 500 Series Models and Hino Traq

They arrived together – the new Hino 500 Series models and Hino Traq telematics and monitoring system. What better opportunity to test-drive the two new offerings side by side? Using the Traq system to see how well or how poorly Diesel News Editor, Tim Giles, performed out on the road, but, more importantly, how the trucks fared.

The FG 1628 is a Japanese truck through and through. With 280hp on tap and an Allison 3000 six-speed, running in a 4×2 configuration with an average load on, this is an easy drive. The Allison helps with the quality of the drive and tries manfully to get the most out of the exhaust brake when slowing the truck.

Read more

First Step? Quantify It

If you think you have a problem in a business, the first step? Quantify it. With all of the data now available, there is almost always a way of putting a figure on it. Fleet management is one of those things that was unquantifiable in the past, but is now something which can be translated onto a spreadsheet to be pored over by the bean counters. Read more

Hino Going Auto

A trend affecting the medium to light/heavy-duty area of the market is leading to a situation where Hino going auto is only to be expected. Several truck makers have offered automated manual transmissions as an option, but the market seems to be locking itself into a preference for Allison fully automatic gearing.

As a result, Allison is an option on just about every model in the new Hino 500 Series line-up. The substantial improvement in auto performance with improved electronics, including the ability to monitor the truck’s behaviour and demands so precisely, via the CANbus, means the transmission has an effective answer to every question posed by the truck and the task at hand. Read more

Looking for More Power

As we have seen for many years, the truck market is always looking for more power in its trucks. The desire to have just a bit more oomph every time a truck is replaced doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

As a result, we have seen a new engine from Hino appear as an option in the heavier end of the new 500 range. In fact, both engines now available are new to Australia. The existing eight-litre engine has been modernised as the Hino J08E. It is rated at 280hp (206kW) at 2,500rpm and puts out an increased torque level at 883Nm (651 ft lb), an increase of seven per cent on its predecessor. Read more

Built-in Flexibility

The modern truck has a lot of built-in flexibility, and the Hino 500 range is no exception. The models available range from the lighter end of medium-duty up to some serious heavy-duty rigid trucks. This means the trucks are going to experience very different working lives and need to be capable, no matter what the task.

Hino has looked at what they have on offer in the 500 Series and made a number of changes to increase the breadth and depth of its offering to the market. This means new chassis, new engines and new combinations of existing components. Read more

Truck Show Snapshots

Last week was Brisbane Truck Show, here are the Diesel News’ Truck Show Snapshots, if you couldn’t make to the event.There were unveilings by Scania, UD Trucks, Mercedes Benz, International and Hino. Crowds surged around the new Kenworth T610 and the old school limited edition T900 on the Paccar stand. Freightliner harked back over the 75 years since the founding of the company with a rare 1950 A64-800 ‘Bubblenose’ truck. Read more