trailers to maximise productivity

Trailers to Maximise Productivity

Grant Albinus has a set up on his trailers to maximise productivity. KGB Transport, based in Inverell NSW, has used a sliding lead trailer, which can function as the lead trailer on a B-double or an A-double. However, the process in changing over the two types of combination can be tricky. Read more

possible structural change in the truck market

Possible Structural Change in the Truck Market

It is too early to tell whether we are seeing a possible structural change in the truck market as the May truck sales figures, released by the Truck industry Council, reflect the disruption caused by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

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Kenworth mix classic with modern in a new model

Kenworth Mix Classic with Modern in a New Model

The launch of the latest truck to come out of Bayswater sees Kenworth mix classic with modern in a new model in the growing range of ‘10s’, this time it’s a T410SAR. This launch sees the familiar and classic radiator and bonnet shape now available on Paccar’s follow up to the release of the more modern styled T410 model last year. Read more

Surprise Truck Sales Figures Released

Surprise Truck Sales Figures Released

The month of April has seen some surprise truck sales figures released as the Covid-19 crisis seems to be having an effect on some truck sales numbers. The latest results released by the Truck Industry Council show a decline in sales numbers, but the months to come will give us a better handle on the real effects of the current crisis. Read more

the vans currently do not even exist

The Vans Currently Do Not Even Exist

Amazon made a decision to purchase 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans for last-mile operations, and the most remarkable thing about this amazing order is that the vans currently do not even exist. Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, investigates. Read more

Isuzu and Kenworth are still on top

Isuzu and Kenworth are Still On Top

After a year when there were signs of some changes in the Australian truck market, 2019 ended with the situation where Isuzu and Kenworth are still on top of the rankings. Isuzu came through with 22.7 per cent of all trucks sold in the year, while Kenworth still predominate with 18.5 per cent of heavy duty truck sales, in the Truck Industry Council sales results for 2019. Read more

latest new models from Kenworth

Latest New Models from Kenworth

The two latest new models from Kenworth are the T410 and the T360, effectively replacing the current T409 and the T359. These are the most recent updates to the Kenworth range, as the 2.1 metre wide standard cabin design works its way across the offering from the Bayswater-based company. Read more

Kenworth T360 goes to another level

Kenworth T360 Goes to Another Level

In superseding the T359, the new Kenworth T360 goes to another level of the vocational workhorse  it has been for the last few years. This is what Kenworth do best, come up with a model, run with it for a few years and then refine and refine until it is suited for an application.

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something new from Kenworth and Volvo

Something New From Kenworth and Volvo

At the recent Brisbane Truck Show, visitors got to see something new from Kenworth and Volvo, with new models and new features on display. These two brands are the heavy duty sector’s dominant players with well over 35 per cent of the truck sales in that sector between them. The show was a chance to see what keeps these brands at the top and what we can expect from them in the future. Read more

specialising in express freight

Specialising in Express Freight

Based at Beresfield near Newcastle, AJM Transport is specialising in express freight along the eastern seaboard between Brisbane and Melbourne. The company also runs an express freight service to Darwin, employing a two-up driving team operating the flagships of the fleet – a pair of Kenworth T909 conventionals. The two do opposite legs with one hauling a quad road-train and the other a B-triple.

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