how much information do you need?

How Much Information Do You Need?

Most modern dashboards are getting more and more sophisticated every year, but how much information do you need? The fact of the matter is that the old fashioned dashboard with analogue instruments for everything is fast becoming a thing of the past. Read more

mirrorless Mercedes is truck of the year

Mirrorless Mercedes is Truck of the Year

Following an announcement at the Solutrans event in Lyons in France we now know that the mirrorless Mercedes is truck of the year. At the event the Mercedes-Benz’s new Actros has been elected International Truck of the Year 2020 by a jury of 24 commercial vehicle editors and senior journalists, representing 24 major trucking magazines from throughout Europe. Read more

disruption in the truck industry

Disruption in the Truck Industry

Following a commitment by Global Truck boss, Martin Daum, the following couple of months saw Daimler buying into a self-driving vehicle company, Torc Robotics a company with the professed aim of introducing disruption in the truck industry.  Read more

behind the wheel of an Econic

Behind the Wheel of an Econic

Last year the Mercedes Econic notched-up 900 sales in the UK, so Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, recently had a stint behind the wheel of an Econic 1830L 4×2 18-tonne Hyva skip-loader to find out what is making it more popular than its Atego sibling. The truck is available in a variety of axle configurations, including 4×2, 6×2, 8×4 and 8×4 tridem. Late last year fruit and vegetable supplier Reynolds added the first Econic semis to its London fleet. Read more

using the truck to pay

Using the Truck to Pay

A development team at Daimler Trucks is working on a project using the truck to pay for items like road tolls, fuel, subcontractors and other bills. The project has developed the ability of trucks to autonomously communicate with other machines and carry out legally-binding transactions.  Read more

low-entry cabs on the streets of London

Low Entry Cabs on the Streets of London

Going Global’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, explores the UK’s growing demand for low-entry cabs on the streets of London, and gets behind the wheel of the market-leading Mercedes-Benz Econic. Read more

eActros is in operation at logistics company

eActros is in Operation at Logistics Company

A battery electric Mercedes-Benz eActros is in operation at logistics company Logistik Schmitt, located near Rastatt in southern Germany. Practical testing of the all-electric truck has been carried out in the region over the course of several years now and, as part of this, comparative drives with the eWayBW catenary project are also planned to take place in the Murg valley and surrounding areas.  Read more

technological tour de force

Technological Tour de Force

On a recent trip to Europe, Diesel News’ US correspondent, Steve Sturgess, got a first look at the latest version of the Mercedes Benz Actros, a truck he regards as a technological tour de force.

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ferreting out foibles in a prime mover

Ferreting Out Foibles in a Prime Mover

There’s nothing like a long-distance interstate trip for ferreting out foibles in a prime mover. Yet after a return run from Brisbane to Melbourne, Paul Matthei found very little to fault in the latest Mercedes-Benz 2658.

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crystal-ball gazing from Mercedes-Benz

Crystal-Ball Gazing from Mercedes-Benz

Sitting through six hours of crystal-ball gazing from Mercedes-Benz’s ‘FutureLab’ event Diesel News’ European Correspondent is not complaining. Every day is a learning opportunity and FutureLab gave Brian plenty to think about, even if his head was spinning from trying to get it around all that information.

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