the dashboard of the future

The Dashboard of the Future

Diesel News’ man in Europe, Brian Weatherley, left a recent Mercedes-Benz FutureLab seminar with a spinning head, wondering how exactly do you go about creating the dashboard of the future? 

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tomorrow’s truck cabs

Tomorrow’s Truck Cabs

Diesel News’s man in Europe Brian Weatherley left a recent Mercedes-Benz FutureLab seminar with a spinning head…but some clear thoughts on what the inside of tomorrow’s truck cabs could be like.  

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next step in the evolution of trucks

Next Step in the Evolution of Trucks

It looks like Mercedes Benz have taken the next step in the evolution of trucks with the release of the new Actros in Europe. The new model is fitted with every piece of modern technology known, with a few surprises added in to boot.

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Benz could introduce drones, a new Sprinter and PRO

Benz Could Introduce Drones, a New Sprinter and PRO on a Global Scale

As part of its worldwide strategy Mercedes Benz could introduce drones, a new Sprinter and PRO on a Global Scale. Nearly two years ago the company came out with its Sprinter-based concept ‘last-mile’ delivery van that featured a pair of drones that would deliver to retail customers. That concept involved customer lock-boxes to keep shipments safe until collected by the recipients. 

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Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Heavy Duty Off-Roaders

Unidan Engineering, a Gold Coast–based niche business specialising in the restoration and modification of heavy-duty off-roaders, specifically the mighty Mercedes-Benz Unimog. After operating for the first five-or-so years at an industrial complex in Burleigh Heads, Unidan recently relocated to larger premises at Molendinar near Southport. Read more

The New Sprinter

From Mercedes-Benz the new Sprinter has been released, but it didn’t launch as just a van, it is planned to be more of a transportation solution. Part of the package will be an extensive telematics offering under the Mercedes PRO brand that will allow for highly automated dispatch, optimised routing, traffic information and built-in diagnostics that will issue service and repair notifications. Read more

Electric Actros on the Road

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its electric truck back in 2016, but now we will see the electric Actros on the road. The ten eActros models, in two variants, with a GVM of 18 to 25 tonnes, will be handed over in the next few weeks to customers, who will be testing their everyday feasibility and economic efficiency under real-life conditions. Read more

Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground

Mercedes-Benz is breaking new ground in releasing the company’s new-generation models refresh. The launch of these rigid trucks follows on from the successful launch of the prime mover models last year. The trucks have just emerged from a similar process to the one the company used in developing the prime mover range. A number of evaluation trucks were put into different fleets around the country. In all, 35 customers tried 20 trucks, covering over 1.8 million kilometres. Read more

Top of the Horsepower Tree

Top of the Horsepower Tree

Not that long ago most (if not all) of Europe’s truck makers were still vying to climb to the top of the horsepower tree, reckons Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Brian Weatherley. Today it’s another story altogether. I’d say the first truck maker to publicly take its foot off the power pedal was Mercedes. Read more

Build More Flat Floor Cabovers

Frankly, I’m surprised more manufacturers don’t do it. ‘Do what?’ I hear you ask Down Under. Build more flat-floor cabovers, that’s what. Given the fact that every night hundreds of thousands of European long-haul drivers are bedding down for the night in a truck (and I reckon 99.99 per cent of them will be doing it in a cabover prime mover) you’d think that all of Europe’s truck makers would be keen to make their cabs as easy to move around in as possible. Read more