Hino release the new 300 Series Light duty truck

Hino Release the New 300 Series Light Duty Truck

This week new levels of features and performance have been reached at the lower end of the weight range as Hino release the new 300 Series Light duty truck. The new range features something Hino are calling SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the life of drivers, passengers and other road users. Read more

first fuel cell trucks shipped

First Fuel Cell Trucks Shipped

This week has seen the first fuel cell trucks shipped from South Korea to Switzerland by Hyundai. This is the first 10 units of the Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell, which Hyundai claim is the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell heavy-duty truck. Read more

DAF get with the program

DAF Get With The Program

The Australian truck industry has been waiting some time for the point at which DAF get with the program. Diesel has driven the new flagship model, around SE Queensland,  pulling a B-double to find the new DAF range really is right up to date. Read more

electrification of all types of vehicles

Electrification of All Types of Vehicles

Front and centre was electrification of all types of vehicles and components, as the Atlanta-based Technology and Maintenance Council in the USA managed to get the news out just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit America’s shores, earlier this year, Diesel’s US correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports. Read more

surprise blip in sales despite the crisis

Surprise Blip in Sales Despite the Crisis

The latest truck sales figures released for June by the Truck Industry Council have come up with a surprise blip in sales despite the crisis continuing to unfold around Covid-19. Those of us who follow the figures closely are used to anomalous numbers as the financial year ends, but June 2020 has been one right out of the box. Read more

electric truck which still goes hard

Electric Truck Which Still Goes Hard

The Hyliion Hypertruck ERX has been launched and gone on sale with plenty of hype around the fact that it is an electric truck which still goes hard. This video includes smoking tyres and acceleration statistics to show that this is not a soft and easy going truck, but a real truck which can be exciting to drive. Read more

certainty when installing new safety technology

Certainty When Installing New Safety Technology

The newly announced Vehicle Safety and Environmental Technology Update Plan (SETUP) has outlined five work packages to give Australia’s heavy vehicle industry certainty when installing new safety technology. As part of the initiative he National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has released a blueprint to support manufacturers and operators to incorporate the latest safety technology into new and existing heavy vehicles. Read more

trailers to maximise productivity

Trailers to Maximise Productivity

Grant Albinus has a set up on his trailers to maximise productivity. KGB Transport, based in Inverell NSW, has used a sliding lead trailer, which can function as the lead trailer on a B-double or an A-double. However, the process in changing over the two types of combination can be tricky. Read more

the new cab shape is instantly recognisable

The New Cab Shape is Instantly Recognisable

When you see the new CF and XF model range from DAF, the new cab shape is instantly recognisable. The much more rounded profile is clearly much more slippery in the wind than its predecessor. Overall, the aerodynamics are much improved and a new sun visor design has further enhanced air flow. Read more

expansion of the Hino network

Expansion of the Hino Network

Despite current economic conditions and COVID-19 an expansion of the Hino network has seen a strong second quarter for the newly-opened Ballarat branch of Till Hino in regional Victoria. Read more