slow start to truck sales

Slow Start to Truck Sales

The fact that in this year of bushfires and coronavirus, there is a slow start to truck sales in Australia, is not going to be a surprise to anyone. In many ways, the economy is on hold and uncertainty is undermining the economic outlook. The latest truck sales figures from the Truck Industry Council reflect the level of concern in the business community. Read more

being in the box business

Being in the Box Business

For a trucking operator, being in the box business can be a a stressful environment to work in, but it can have its rewards, rewards for a bit of hard yacka. Diesel News talks to Peter Gatt, running a busy container operation out of Enfield, just south of Sydney’s Olympic Park.
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innovation from Iveco

Innovation from Iveco

In 2025 European truck manufacturers will have to slash the average CO2 emissions of new trucks by 15 per cent or face hefty fines and this is being answered with innovation from Iveco. While some truck makers will no doubt struggle, Iveco is embracing the challenge. Why? Because parent company CNH Industrial has just invested US$250m ($365,000) In Arizona-based hydrogen fuel cell specialist Nikola Motor Company. Our man in Europe, Will Shiers, reports. Read more

road and load ready truck

Road and Load Ready Truck

The concept of a road and load ready truck is pretty easy to comprehend, the truck buyer avoids the complex and extremely time consuming task of picking out the right cab chassis for a freight task and then taking this to the body builder to have the right sort of freight carrying body fitted. Then, at long last, the truck can then hit the road and start making money. Read more

differences in culture and operation

Differences in Culture and Operation

The move from a long career using road trains in the Northern Territory to the relatively civilised Gold Coast and much smaller combination has meant a lot of differences in culture and operation for Spud Murphy. Read more

getting the dirt on the Scania

Getting the Dirt on the Scania

The tipper and dog market has traditionally been dominated by US trucks, but the Europeans are now queueing up to take on the North American iron in this highly competitive sector and when Diesel News drives one of the contenders, it is getting the dirt on the Scania G500 XT. Read more

how well does an electric truck go?

How Well Does an Electric Truck Go?

At first sight the Fuso eCanter looks just like any ordinary small truck delivering goods in any city in Australia, but the question on many people’s lips is, how well does an electric truck go? There is a distinctive blue piping around the grille and some other components to give hints about the different power plant under the cabin. Read more

a major boost from the Cascadia

A Major Boost from Cascadia

Freightliner are looking to get a major boost from the Cascadia, which takes conventional trucks in Australia to a new level. These models can match, toe-to-toe the sophisticated European prime movers which have been eating into the Freightliner market share.  Read more

Euro 6 DAF arrives in Australia

Euro 6 DAF Arrives in Australia


At an event on the Gold Coast, the Paccar pizazz, with flashing lights and loud music, announced the latest addition to the stable, as the Euro 6 DAF arrives in Australia. The New XF and the New CF are now at the same level of technology and using the same driveline as the latest models on European roads.  Read more