new developments within the Volvo organisation

Developments Within the Volvo Organisation

Every year Volvo Group Australia takes the opportunity to brief the media on several new developments within the Volvo organisation. The prevailing theme this year centred on how the company is working hard to at least meet if not exceed client expectations across its diverse product range. Paul Matthei reports. Read more

how many clutches do you need?

How Many Clutches Do You Need?

The obvious answer to the question, ‘how many clutches do you need?’ would be one, but Volvo reckon there are advantages, in some cases, to using two clutches to improve driveline efficiency. The Volvo dual clutch technology has been available for some time in Europe, but has finally made its way here, after prolonged testing in Australian conditions.  Read more

something new from Kenworth and Volvo

Something New From Kenworth and Volvo

At the recent Brisbane Truck Show, visitors got to see something new from Kenworth and Volvo, with new models and new features on display. These two brands are the heavy duty sector’s dominant players with well over 35 per cent of the truck sales in that sector between them. The show was a chance to see what keeps these brands at the top and what we can expect from them in the future. Read more

road train versus platooning

Road Train Versus Platooning

Following a recent trip to Australia, Will Shiers ponders the road train versus platooning question and asks why the UK doesn’t go down the road train route instead of trialling truck platooning.

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electric heavy duty trucks are appearing

Electric Heavy Duty Trucks Are Appearing

Electric cars are a hot topic globally, but electric heavy duty trucks are appearing in the portfolios of all of the major players, plus some newcomers, on the North American truck scene, Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports.

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an even bigger cab from Volvo

An Even Bigger Cab from Volvo

After a number of announcements in the lead up to the Brisbane Truck Show about new bigger cabs being released, there’s now an even bigger cab from Volvo. The new XXL cabin has been unveiled to selected customers in advance of its appearance in Brisbane next week.

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first electric trucks delivered

First Electric Trucks Delivered

Volvo Trucks has anounced that the first electric trucks delivered by the company are now working as garbage and distribution trucks for the waste and recycling company Renova, and the logistics company DB Schenker and partner haulier TGM, all operating in Sweden.

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specifying a truck to save fuel

Specifying a Truck to Save Fuel

Volvo have put together a design where the truck maker is specifying a truck to save fuel. The team developing this evaluation truck have refused to compromise on any aspect of the design if it would save fuel. The result is a strange looking, but very slippery B-double set-up, which goes as far down the fuel saving route as anything on the road before it.

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