Well Made, But Is It Well Targeted?

This latest information video from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is well made, but is it well targeted? There is a lot of information to get out there and a lot of stakeholders who need to get a handle on the new chain of responsibility rules, but how effective is this video and how much did it cost? Read more

Shout The Message

Shout The Message

Here we see a great safety advert from YouTube, it’s the right message but we need to shout the message from the rooftops, not make a well-meaning ad to be shown online. Transport for NSW have done a great job of making an incisive ad, which gets its point over in a smart and believable way.

Will it get statewide TV exposure? Will there be funding to get this message out at any time other that 2am on a Tuesday morning, or as part of a PowerPoint presentation by a Transport for NSW representative. Read more

The Paradigm Shift

There is little doubt this dawn of the age of autonomous trucks represents the paradigm shift which will take trucking much further in the 21st century. The developments in recent years have seen quantum shift after quantum shift in what automated systems can do. Read more

Hype, Hype and More Hype

Hype, Hype and More Hype

The launch of the Tesla semi prime mover has been characterised by hype, hype and more hype, with a series of leaks building up anticipation before the launch. Here is the moment the truck was finally unveiled in front a bunch of baying fans and assembled journalists, most of whom do not know one end of a truck from another. Read more

Patience is a Virtue at Linfox

It’s such a simple message but well worth saying over and over, yes, patience is a virtue at Linfox. The message, which needs to be heard by the whole industry and which this video hits again and again, is to take your time. It isn’t a race, there is no prize for coming in first.

Number one, we need drivers to understand the most important thing about their job is for the freight to get there without anyone getting hurt. Easier said than done, because a lot of the messaging that comes from other sources is telling them to get a move on. Read more

Lessons In Load Restraint

Here is a series of mishaps on the road from people who need lessons in load restraint. They either don’t know about, or don’t care about good load restraint. One of the first things to note is how few of those involved were trucks. Both instances involving trucks look like they are the result of sheer laziness. Read more

LNG And All That Gas

The price of diesel goes up a little bit and immediately LNG and all that gas comes back into the reckoning. The margins in road transport are so slim, only a small incremental change can tip the balance between fuel options. Read more

The Latest New Model

Here’s an introduction to the latest new model from Mack, the Anthem. This new truck was unveiled in the US last month with plenty of fanfare and dry ice. It represents the Mack brand in the US coming up with a more modern look while still retaining the ‘traditional’ Mack look and feel. This, in itself, is a difficult feat to achieve, as Mack had always lacked a genuinely contemporary image. Read more

Eaton and Cummins Getting Closer

This video from the US shows us Eaton and Cummins getting closer as they offer a more integrated driveline to US truck buyers. This particular AMT has just gone on sale in the US and is not destined to appear here for some time.

The gearbox is part of a comprehensive program where Eaton and Cummins are working very closely together to come up with a fully integrated package. The engine and transmission communicate seamlessly with each other and with whichever truck they are fitted into. Read more

Truck Testing With Linfox

The truck manufacturers do a lot of their truck testing with Linfox or, more precisely, at a Linfox facility. The Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) is near Anglesea in the Otway Forest Park, just inland from Anglesea, on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Read more