who needs an engine brake?

Who Needs an Engine Brake?

The answer to the question, who needs an engine brake? is, of course everyone, in a truck. However, the way technology is developing is likely to make the famous Jake Brake just a little less important in the scheme of the things, in truck development of the future. Read more

electric trucks are spreading further across Europe

Electric Trucks are the Future 

We can be in no doubt that electric trucks are the future and it’s simply a matter of how long until electric power predominates. The amount of investment by all of the major manufacturers in electric power technology is running at a rate which tells us they all believe in an electric future. Read more

telling everyone how vital trucking is

Politically Incorrect Trucking Too

Here is a follow up to a video Diesel News first aired over two years ago, and the question still remains, is this an example of politically incorrect trucking too? The industry needs to have a debate about what is and isn’t politically correct, especially because many in the trucking industry got their first experiences with trucks in a very similar manner.  Read more

close up view of the new Mack

Close up view of the new Mack

At the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year many people got their first chance to get a close up view of the new Mack Anthem. However, the display was just the truck’s cabin and it was split open in order for show goers to walk through between the driver’s seat and the sleeper cab. Read more

trucks going cabless

Trucks Going Cabless

The pace of new truck concepts being announced is increasing at a high rate, with trucks going electric, hybrid, hydrogen trucks and trucks going cabless. Here is the latest entrant in the innovation race, the AXL concept from Scania. Read more

pushing trucks to their absolute limit

Pushing Trucks to Their Absolute Limit

We all know truck drivers in India are crazy, but if you weren’t sure just watch these drivers taking way overloaded twin steer rigid trucks around a hairpin bend halfway up a mountain, this really is pushing trucks to their absolute limit. The trucks involved here are a Tata, an Ashok Leyland and an Eicher Pro, all 10×4 trucks with a lifting pusher axle, which is lifted even though the trucks are fully loaded.

The axles could well be lifted because the truck drivers need as much turning ability as possible, but this is throwing even more weight onto the remaining axles. It is a wonder any of these trucks will survive a week of this treatment, but they do it week in week out on the subcontinent.

Treating trucks like this and pushing them to their absolute limit probably brings back memories for many of our retired truckies who would have learnt their trade working the gear as hard as these drivers are doing today in India.

In these cases it’s all about the driver’s skill in protecting the truck’s driveline, chassis and suspension, even though every difficult road or climb has the capacity to destroy a major component. 

For those drivers growing up in the sixties, driving trucks designed to handle much lower weights and speeds, their skills in protecting the truck and its driveline was down to their ability to minimise the pressure on inadequate components. These days we are not relying on driver skills to protect the driveline, that job is being done by much improved specifications in our trucks and computers controlling and protecting the driveline from drivers without the skills to protect them.

Those skills are still there today, in drivers in rural areas handling the worst the environment can throw at them and their road trains. All drivers in India are also doing it themselves. there is little sophistication in this truck market, but for how long?

This isn’t an isolated incident, this video shows us just how crazy it can get, and not just for those climbing the mountain, it’s also pretty hairy for those coming down the mountain. 


pushing trucks to their absolute limit

trucks with no drivers

Trucks With No Drivers

There is a lot of talk in the media about the future of trucking and the concept of trucks with no drivers. The fact of the matter is no-one knows how this is going to play out. Even when the autonomous technology is available to take a truck from A to B safely, will the infrastructure be there to make it possible. Read more

the war between caravans and trucks

The War Between Caravans and Trucks

It has been going on for sometime, but the war between caravans and trucks seems to be continuing, as it always has. However there is some light at the end of the tunnel, there is an initiative being organised by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the Caravanning Industry Association of Australia to try and improve relations between the two competing groups. Read more