Cat’s latest stunt

Here is another of what is becoming a growing trend, truck manufacturers making stunt videos with their trucks and posting them up on YouTube. The videos rarely have any real relevance to the act of trying to sell the truck to the customer. They are often about engaging the viewer, upping awareness of the brand and, perhaps highlighting one of the features of the truck. Of course, this is followed by the obligatory behind the scenes video:


Freightliner also, literally, went down the stunt truck route. Spectacular, but is it relevant?

The Europeans are up to it as well, in this video a full Renault Magnum semi jumps a Formula One race car:

Volvo is probably the truck maker to go the furthest down this stunt video road, there is a series unfolding at the moment (Diesel News will feature the videos when they are all available for binge watching). For now, we will make do with the first of the stunt videos, the Ballerina on a Tight Rope: