Complete Solution Capability

complete solution capability

MaxiTrans will be demonstrating its complete solution capability and its commitment to providing reliable support throughout the MaxiTrans national network. The company will also be emphasising its end-to-end capability by showcasing MaxiParts and MaxiTrans Servicing, as well as its recently acquired Live Bottom Floor solution, Trout River Australia.

“The stand demonstrates our commitment to providing the transport industry with even safer, more efficient and reliable solutions,” says Andrew McKenzie, MaxiTrans Group General Manager, Sales and Marketing.

MaxiParts has over 20,000 truck and trailer parts available at over 20 locations throughout Australia and offers an automated inventory management system called, MaxiStock. The offering uses a cloud-based system, which when set up at a customer’s facility, cuts administration and improves uptime by automatically ordering parts. 

“Continuing the safety, efficiency and reliability theme, the display will include a Live Bottom Floor trailer,: says Andrew. “MaxiTrans’ most recent brand acquisition, Trout River Australia brings in an enhanced solution for bulk transport applications that complements the existing MaxiTrans portfolio.”

Adding that the ability to unload its content while in motion using an interior conveyor belt system, offers operators a safer and more versatile alternative to unload in unstable environments or where overhead obstacles exist.


complete solution capability


From Freighter, attendees can expect to see the T-Liner Mark II trailer, as well as a new Freighter Skel featuring a lightweight design. The T-Liner Mark II display will incorporate a range of Freighter innovations designed to maximise safety and efficiency. 

“On the SafeAdjust Mezzanine Deck solution, the deck is adjusted from the safety of a forklift, eliminating the need to manually remove and replace saddles when altering the deck height,” says Kevin Manfield, General Manager Products and Markets. 

The stand will also highlight the new Freighter Lightweight Skel. Featuring a reduced tare weight of over half a tonne when compared to the previous standard Skel model, the new trailer provides a significant efficiency gain for owners, without compromising on strength and durability. Also featured will be additional inclusions that enhance safety for operators.

“MaxiTrans has produced more PBS units than any other trailer manufacturer. It’s a great achievement that we are very proud of,” says Kevin. “This has provided us with an immense amount of experience that we draw on daily to create new and innovative combinations for our customers tailored to their specific freight task.”


complete solution capability


The Hamelex White aluminium four-axle dog tipper on display will include the latest chassis design with significant tare weight advantages. The stand will also feature side under-run protection, as well as a new retractable roof system and Landslide tipper liner.


complete solution capability