Could this Electric Kenworth Come Down Under?

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This video shows the latest electric Kenworths to hit the road in the US, two medium duty rigids, based on the DAF LF, but could this electric Kenworth come down under? The answer is almost definitely no.

Firstly, if Paccar did introduce an electric truck in the next few years, it would most likely be packaged as a DAF, but more importantly, our authorities have no appetite for incentivising the trucking industry to demand low carbon emission vehicles in order to reduce the effects of climate change.

The Kenworth K270E and K370E cabovers on display here are designed for local pickup and delivery, as well as intrastate operations. The electric powertrain comes with battery packs rated at 141kWh and 282kWh giving the trucks 100 and 200 mile (160km and 320km) range, respectively, with zero emissions. 

The Kenworth DC fast-charging system will re-charge as quickly as one-hour, there is also overnight AC charging on offer. The direct-drive motors are rated at 355 hp and 469 hp. Regenerative braking in stop/go city conditions recharges the batteries and extends brake life.

The reason for the two models introduction in California is because battery-electric vehicles qualify for a US$95,000 voucher incentive to qualifying California purchasers from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

This Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), is one of the ways the Californian authorities have decided to incentivise business to help them operate a low carbon operation. The new voucher project begins in 2021. 

California has consistently lead the way when it comes to emissions reduction as the CARB has sought to improve air quality in the USA’a most populous state. The drive to improve emissions began with measures to end the smog problem in the state’s big city’s, like Los Angeles. 

These regulations led to the reductions in nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, which began in the nineties, leading to improved air quality in heavy traffic areas. The emphasis has now turned to a drive towards zero emissions, as the state is coping with the effects of climate change, fighting wild fires across the state in recent weeks.

could this electric Kenworth come down under?