Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco

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With an advertising video using Queen’s classic hit Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco has launched a completely new truck onto the market, with the release of the S-Way model. The launch in Madrid, Spain unveiled a completely redesigned cabin, a quantum leap in truck connectivity and improved fuel consumption/reduced emissions.

The new truck range was launched at an event at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid, to its dealer network, its sales people, customers and the representatives of the international press. The event was big on hyperbole but low on precise details of the new truck’s specification.

“We want to become the Easiest-to-work-and-innovate-with Truck OEM for our suppliers and customers, while tailoring our vehicles around a Driver ́s life, which today is more than just the route he travels,” said Gerrit Marx, Iveco President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles

at the launch. “Sustainability also entails our responsibility to make this job, which is crucial for our society, a more attractive and enjoyable one… which goes beyond just adding leather and wood applications.”

Cabin Redesign

The cabin roof has been redesigned and integrated into the front end of the vehicle, presenting a flat surface that minimises drag. Even the retractable front step that provides easy access to the windshield completely disappears when not in use. 

The front grille with high radius corners and side fins, the integrated headlights, the new bumper design with integrated deflectors, together with the new design of the wheel arches, have been designed to create flowing lines that optimise air flow. The new design of the door, which extends all the way down to the second step, creates a smooth surface on the sides of the cab, reducing turbulence at cruising speed.

The vehicle’s aerodynamic performance is further enhanced by additional features that reduce drag by closing gaps. They include the optimised aerodynamic kit and side skirts with rubber extensions to close up the space between prime mover and trailer.


Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco


A number of safety improvements have been made including the front axle being fine-tuned to reduce braking distances by 15 per cent, although how this is achieved is not explained. The truck is also fitted with an array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, but, again, what is included in the package is not fully explained.

In line with developments at other manufacturers, namely Scania and Mack, the steering wheel is now shaped with a flat base, leaving room to accommodate drivers of all shapes and sizes.

The multi-functional steering wheel, with 22 switches, puts all the necessary functions, including the Assisted Driving Systems, at the driver’s fingertips. This set-up aims to eliminate distractions for the driver, who is able to operate without ever needing to move their hands from the steering wheel.

The 7-inch capacitive touch-screen provides access to the new state-of-the-art infotainment system which enables the driver to bring their digital life on board with phone mirroring using Apple Car Play. It also offers Bluetooth for hands-free and audio streaming, DAB radio, voice recognition and a truck navigation system, as well as a host of hardware and software enhancements, including cybersecurity features.

Although the new cabin design does not have a flat floor, the standing height for a driver is 2.15 metres in the centre of the cabin, while the new design enables easier access to the upper bed and compartments.

The one-piece lower bunk bed offers a choice of 14 cm-thick mattresses with 2 levels of comfort. For the upper bunk, two solutions are available to match different needs: the 60 cm-wide Smart Bunk with 8 cm-thick mattress, which is a foldable bed that can double up as a luggage compartment, or the 70 cm-wide Comfort Bunk with 10 cm-thick mattress and ladder.

New Cabin Concepts

At the Madrid event, Iveco unveiled two concept trucks at the global launch of the new Iveco Way range: the new Iveco Fit Cab and Magirus, two customer-centric concepts.

The Fit Cab concept comes up with an interesting new spin on cabin design with the interior set up like a personal gym. Dedicated hooks and anchor points are integrated into the exterior to host specifically designed accessories. The interior of the cab bristles with gym equipment, such as a wall-integrated multi-directional pulley, a roof-integrated folded multi-grip solution, and a functional package that includes resistance bands, sliders and weights.



The Iveco Magirus revives the brand name acquired when Iveco bought the, German, Magirus Deutz truck maker. The name has been maintained and used in the fire fighting equipment produced by the company. The new Way concept incorporates multiple elements of the original brand, including the classic two-tone livery and chrome details.

Connected Truck

The Connectivity Box in the Iveco S-Way collects, processes and exchanges data in real time. It works off a service platform developed in partnership with Microsoft that provides safe data storage and management.

“We developed the connectivity for the new Iveco S-Way and the related services with two key areas of focus,” said Carmelo Impelluso, Head of Iveco Brand Europe. “The first one addresses the key industry trends of digitalisation and servitisation to improve our customers’ productivity and total cost of ownership by maximising the vehicle’s uptime while reducing the risk of breakdowns and unplanned stops. The second priority addresses logistics operators’ need to attract skilled drivers: we took every opportunity to use technology and connectivity to improve their driving experience, make life on board easier and help them improve their driving safety.”

The brand-new Connectivity box inside the Iveco S-Way is linked to the new ‘Microsoft Azure’ cloud-based infrastructure that enables a new range of services, shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach to offer predictive maintenance and service planning.

The new Iveco EASY app is designed to facilitate the driver’s life on board, enabling them to control all the cabin and vehicle management functionalities on their mobile device. Drivers can also access Apple Car Play, which enables them to mirror their mobile device on the new infotainment system and use all the functionalities safely while driving.


Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco