DPWA Fremantle Surcharge, Customer Service, Freight Upgrade, Harvest Productivity and Tramanco on Display

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DPWA Fremantle Surcharge, Customer Service, Freight Upgrade, Harvest Productivity and Tramanco on Display, in this week’s Diesel News.



DPWA Fremantle Surcharge, Customer Service, Freight Upgrade, Harvest Productivity and Tramanco on Display

DPWA to Introduce Infrastructure Surcharge at Fremantle Terminal


Logistics service provider, DP World Australia (DPWA), has announced that it will introduce an infrastructure surcharge at its Fremantle Terminal as part of the basis for which access to the terminal is granted, for both road and rail operators, from 30 October 2017.

“Property costs at Fremantle Terminal have risen considerably in the last five years,” according to DPWA General Manager Operations – Fremantle, Luke Westlake.

“DPWA has incurred material increases in the costs of occupancy of more than 25 per cent, covering cost of council rates, land tax and rent,” he said.

“Additionally, terminal infrastructure maintenance continues to add a high cost to the business. DPWA avoided passing these costs onto the supply chain over this period, attempting to offset them through efficiency improvements. Despite DPWA’s continued efforts, these material step changes in costs cannot be offset.

“The surcharge will be $8.22 (excluding GST) per container and will apply to all full containers received or delivered to/from landside operators at Fremantle Terminal.”



ATA Calls for Govt to Improve Road Customer Focus

Improving the customer service experience for road users’ needs to be a central focus for governments’ management of the road network, according to the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), Geoff Crouch.

Crouch spoke following the release of a research report on measuring infrastructure asset performance and customer satisfaction from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE).
“This timely report on developing an infrastructure and customer satisfaction framework identifies service quality attributes that should be measured to improve the customer service of infrastructure,” Crouch said. “Additional economic gains from infrastructure relies on its efficient management, operation and use.
“The report identifies the importance of cost, access, safety, reliability, timeliness, user amenity and information for how customers interact with infrastructure, including roads.”
He added that performance monitoring of roads should also be extended to privately run toll roads. “Australia is experiencing ever-increasing, unsustainable, and unfair toll increases on heavy vehicles but without any measurement of this funding better services to the users paying these costs,” he said.
“We need to set service standards for roads which establish the service that users can rely on, including standards on safety, access for heavy vehicles, mobile data access, and the provision of rest areas.
“There also needs to be fair and competitive supply chain costs, with independent regulation of heavy vehicle charges, toll road charges and landside port charges.
“Governments should establish independent management and funding of our roads that are focused on improving customer service for road users through better safety, access, reliability and cost.”



$65m Upgrade to Queensland Freight Connections


The Queensland government will spend $65 million to transform the Sumners Road Interchange on the Centenary Highway to improve freight connections.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said the upgrade would improve safety and cut travel times for drivers in Ipswich, Springfield and the surrounding Centenary suburbs.

“This upgrade, which will also create 50 jobs, will reduce congestion on the daily commute, and cut travel times for 5,500 heavy trucks that use this interchange daily, improving freight connections and supporting local businesses,” said Palaszczuk.

According to the Queensland government, works for the project are expected to commence within 12 months, following the completion of design and tenders for construction – construction of the upgraded interchange is then expected to take two years to complete, weather permitting.


DPWA Fremantle Surcharge, Customer Service, Freight Upgrade, Harvest Productivity and Tramanco on Display

New Scheme to Boost Freight Performance during Harvest Season


The Victorian government recently announced a new scheme that will allow heavy vehicles to transport five per cent more grain.

The Grain Harvest Management Scheme will allow heavy vehicles, except for road trains, to increase their load when delivering grain to receivers who are also participating in the scheme, according to Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan.

The change will reportedly boost safety and productivity by reducing the number of trips between farms and grain receivers during the harvest season from 1 October 2017 to 30 April 2018.

“We know this is the busiest time of year for grain farmers, that’s why we’ve introduced this scheme to give the industry a helping hand,” said Donnellan.

“This will not only boost safety by giving farmers and drivers more time to move more grain, but boost productivity for an important part of our economy,” he said.

The Victorian government has said this scheme will grant farmers some leeway when loading trucks with grain at their busiest time of year, allowing heavy vehicle operators and other drivers to drive safer and move more of their product on time.

While a five per cent loading concession will be allowed, vehicles must not exceed manufacturer ratings.

Vehicles must also comply with the uniform national standards for vehicles built after 1 January 2002, which should encourage the use of newer, safer vehicles.

Heavy vehicle operators will need to apply to VicRoads for a label, which will be displayed on their windscreen and will need to carry documentation that shows the vehicle’s year of manufacture.

The Grain Harvest Management Scheme will be evaluated by VicRoads after the first year.

DPWA Fremantle Surcharge, Customer Service, Freight Upgrade, Harvest Productivity and Tramanco on Display

Tramanco Joins MEGATRANS2018 Lineup


Transport solutions firm, Tramanco, has joined the inaugural MEGATRANS2018 trade show to showcase its unique range of weighing systems for heavy vehicles.

The family-owned Australian company joins a growing list of diverse exhibitors at the multi-modal supply chain event set to take over the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 10-12 May 2018.

Tramanco Managing Director, Roger Sack, said the company began in 1975 by supplying and installing on-board weighing systems for heavy vehicles.

The company has since moved into electronic weight monitoring and data logging systems that have expanded its market even more, especially with the introduction of its modular CHEK-WAY system.

“We’re unique in that we design and we also develop all of our own software, so we can provide total solutions for all the people set to attend MEGATRANS2018,” he said. “And because our products are Australian made, they’re built for Australian conditions.”

Sack said a major benefit of the show covering all aspects of the supply chain is that it will highlight the interconnectivity between different facets of the supply chain.

“It’s quite unique and a great idea. I’ve been to hundreds of shows over the years and I’ve never seen or heard of one like this before,” added Sack.

“The show just makes it all click together,” he noted, adding that as the company deals with myriad heavy vehicles, the event covers everything the company has to do with the movement of goods from port to destination.

Sack said attending just one trade show, rather than many, to engage with a wide range of clients is another bonus in exhibiting at MEGATRANS2018.

“Being centred in a city like Melbourne, makes it more accessible for people from New South Wales, Tasmania and even New Zealand – they’re all within a couple of hours of it,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity for us to present our solutions at an event where we can expect everyone from the whole logistics and supply chain industry to be.”

To find out more about MEGATRANS2018, visit the expo website here.