Electric Trucks are Spreading Further Across Europe

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Now that Daimler’s all-electric Fuso eCanter has arrived in Scandinavia, electric trucks are spreading further across Europe into the continent’s leading region in terms of sustainability. 

Two vehicles are now operating in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. The Danish Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht personally handed over the two Fuso eCanter to two well-known Danish customers Citylogistik and Aarstiderne.

Both customers have the goal of reducing carbon emissions and changing transport logistics within the urban environment. In doing so, the operations can further move towards their stated aim to offer responsible, environmentally friendly logistics and transport solutions.


electric trucks are spreading further across Europe

Christoph Fitz, Head of Sales and Marketing Fuso Europe points out the importance of this customer handover in a new market for e-mobility as a whole: “Urbanisation is a major global trend increasing the demand for goods in cities rapidly. Thus, trucks are and will remain an indispensable backbone of society. With every new metropolis in Europe that the eCanter drives in, we make a lasting contribution not only to visualising the future of logistics in the city, but also to put it through its paces.”

The all-electric light-duty truck has been pitched as an answer to the European public’s need for a zero-emission and zero-noise truck for inner-city distribution. It is aimed to help solve the increasing noise and pollution problems in urban environments across the globe. 


electric trucks are spreading further across Europe

With the handover in Denmark, the Fuso eCanter is now running in nine European cities in Germany, the UK, France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Denmark. With a range of 100 kilometres, the 7.49 tonne GVM vehicle is able to meet the inner-city short-range distribution requirements of its customers.

According to Daimler, the Fuso eCanter is the world’s first all-electric light-duty truck in small-series production. In January 2020, Fuso also delivered four eCanter to two customers in Japan. This means around 150 vehicles are now running with customers in Japan, the United States and Europe. Although there is one eCanter currently in Australia, it has yet to be set to work in a real life operator environment. 


electric trucks are spreading further across Europe