Female Truckies Don’t Steal Fuel

There are many ways to steal fuel during the delivery. Solution? Female drivers! Sponsored by Mastercard

Posted by CNN Africa on Thursday, 24 January 2019
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This fuel distribution business found that by taking a group of women and training them properly to be professional truck drivers, female truckies don’t steal fuel. In an industry where theft was rife, Ladybird Logistics recruited only women and trained them to become drivers. 

By instilling the drivers with three virtues, professionalism, integrity and teamwork, the cycle of theft has been broken. The drivers are treated with respect and they respect their driving task in return. 

In an African country like Ghana the rule of law is probably not quite as strictly adhered to as it is in a highly regulated country like our own. But a few simple rules, some training and a good deal of respect turn a bunch of truck drivers into an exemplar of how fuel tanker drivers should behave.

Of course, here in Australia the level of theft Ghana suffered would not be tolerated. Monitoring of drivers, trailers and plenty of cameras is often used to do the trick here.

The Ladybird team have, instead, come up with a much less sophisticated, but extremely effective system. All of their effort has been put into creating a team and engendering a culture of professionalism across the business. The result is a workforce who have the right level of integrity to do the job without falling into the trap others before have resorted to, stealing. 

Has anyone tried something like this in Australia? It might be worth a try. 



female truckies don’t steal fuel